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  1. oopsie woopsie

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Rage F2P Prep 2-1

    thanks for the ez 50m
  2. oopsie woopsie

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Rage F2P Prep 2-1

    50m if u can talk in game
  3. oopsie woopsie

    cwa Vendetta vs Resistance PKRI & First to 100

    who is that nigga fire blasting lmfao that's disrespectful
  4. oopsie woopsie

    hej noxi why u sound lie dat

    Looks like blood unit wins again
  5. Prob the worst banter I’ve ever seen in my life
  6. oopsie woopsie

    CD Hits Rock Bottom ~ A Desperate Cry for Help

    Bro I wanna leaks not some shit banter killa you Kermit the frog head ass
  7. oopsie woopsie

    [XLPC] Conquer 50-60 Combat

    The conquistadors
  8. oopsie woopsie

    hej outrage

    You hate Jamz so much lmao wtf
  9. oopsie woopsie

    midweek Fearless Wednesday P2p return fight Ft Rage/Apex

    cause we beast gottem
  10. oopsie woopsie

    GOT meme thread

    Oopsie woopsie
  11. oopsie woopsie

    How to add text to a GIF (Step by Step)

    Very informative, thank you.
  12. oopsie woopsie

    weekend Fearless P2P Sunday Ft GWASING SEASON

  13. oopsie woopsie

    2017, 2018 no aftermath topics btw

  14. oopsie woopsie

    midweek Fearless F2p Tuesday Cluster Ft R,Fi,LY,Cd,Sup

    gz fs
  15. 1st monday trip stay tuned for the 2nd monday trip 👀
  16. Fearless went out to go hunt down Legacy at the caves massing 33 Pigs after the scummy tactics they did earlier today. We had a good return fight against Legacy and controlled the whole fight, thanks for the fights yall xd JOIN FS BTW!!  ~ exzrts pov ~ Fudog pov
  17. oopsie woopsie

    Dear CD

  18. oopsie woopsie

    Dear CD

    Thanks for action CD
  19. oopsie woopsie

    Dear CD

  20. oopsie woopsie

    cwa Fearless vs Critical Damage | F2P Prep | 3-0

    gz fs