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  1. Is it almost June yet?

  2. @Tanniewhats your favourite karaoke song?
  3. Unban me from discord please, thank you

  4. closing your right eye actually works! Retard, why you winking at your pc!?
  5. unfortunate I suppose > [1:28 AM] Ramie: we searched for like 3hours to see if a clan was called this before [1:28 AM] Ramie: and didn't find anything [1:28 AM] BeBrilliant: i was like 13 [1:28 AM] BeBrilliant: they litterly were green capes aswell [1:28 AM] Ramie: weird [1:28 AM] Ramie: what was their mascot [1:29 AM] BeBrilliant: I dont know man, I was fucking 13 or something [1:29 AM] BeBrilliant: goes like waaay back [1:30 AM] Ramie: fuck i mean [1:30 AM] Ramie: kinda sorry to get ur hopes up [1:30 AM] BeBrilliant: no worries [1:31 AM] BeBrilliant: I was just a kid back then [1:31 AM] BeBrilliant: with the name p0w3rpwnz0r. [1:31 AM] Ramie: but like we legit searched forever to see if a clan was called this and we couldn't find anything
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