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  1. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    next best p2p clan?

  2. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    Happy Easter y'all

    gz on nice trip
  3. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    Final Ownage Elite Anni Leak ft. RoT Nonstop Ragging

    I didnt bother watching. clickbait topics should be bannable
  4. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    need postcount

    @Tanniewhats your favourite karaoke song?
  5. Unban me from discord please, thank you

  6. Amazing PKri, these opts are the best imo
  7. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    Best Time for a one day Pure NH event?

    Feb 30 best day
  8. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    weekend Legacy First Official P2P Trip | Gwassing The Pure Scene |

    nice trip, keep up the good work!
  9. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    20 def movement?

  10. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    closing your right eye actually works! Retard, why you winking at your pc!?
  11. 👑乃e乃rilliant


  12. 👑乃e乃rilliant


    I was in the OG one, "df home cc"
  13. 👑乃e乃rilliant


    unfortunate I suppose > [1:28 AM] Ramie: we searched for like 3hours to see if a clan was called this before [1:28 AM] Ramie: and didn't find anything [1:28 AM] BeBrilliant: i was like 13 [1:28 AM] BeBrilliant: they litterly were green capes aswell [1:28 AM] Ramie: weird [1:28 AM] Ramie: what was their mascot [1:29 AM] BeBrilliant: I dont know man, I was fucking 13 or something [1:29 AM] BeBrilliant: goes like waaay back [1:30 AM] Ramie: fuck i mean [1:30 AM] Ramie: kinda sorry to get ur hopes up [1:30 AM] BeBrilliant: no worries [1:31 AM] BeBrilliant: I was just a kid back then [1:31 AM] BeBrilliant: with the name p0w3rpwnz0r. [1:31 AM] Ramie: but like we legit searched forever to see if a clan was called this and we couldn't find anything
  14. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    weekend MISFITS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ft. 180 Big Beezzzz

    Gratz on 2 yrs misfits!
  15. 👑乃e乃rilliant


  16. Hello, My name is BeBrilliant and I recently maxed my main out and am looking to join a main clan. Im currently a Legend in Against All Odds (pure) and dont have any main experience. What I'm looking for is a clan that does multi and also do single trips(official or unofficial) and where I can be a +1, as my main focus wil remain on AAO. Any advice is welcome! thanks <3
  17. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    @vendetta stays getting bullied

    why you vidding on a main lol
  18. 👑乃e乃rilliant

    weekend [Midweek] 'We Are Ruthless' vs Fatality + Hydra

    question, why is that guy bringing restores?