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  1. they saw their true quality last prep lmfao 60v60 3-0 holy shit
  2. ub-rs.com

    Whipz Exposed

    weirdos man u kids need to go hit up tinder and get your dick wet holy shit
  3. ub-rs.com

    Apex P2P Mini vs Supremacy

  4. ub-rs.com

    BT Vs EnVy Preparation War Audio!

    2 terrible clans
  5. ub-rs.com

    Supremacy v Foe 2-0

    lmfao fom
  6. ub-rs.com

    klan killer kyle back to fuck ur bitch

    i dont know who the fuck you are
  7. ub-rs.com

    Misfits quick puff on Supremacy 2-0

    both clans are god awful
  8. ub-rs.com

    clan wars Apex vs IR | F2P Prep 2-1 | May 4th 2018

    lmfao ir smoked
  9. ub-rs.com

    Fearless gang members

    that guy has lost like 10 staffs lmfao
  10. ub-rs.com

    Apex vs AAO P2P Mini [4-1]

    best p2p clan
  11. @Jamzcan u explain losing 5 consecutive p2p preps to the godkings of p2p