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  1. Good Banter
    Caroline reacted to Parm in [Cringe Alert] Final Ownage Pussies Losing P2P Fullout Audio   
  2. Good Banter
    Caroline reacted to Murd in It's not rocket science   
    It's a really simple equation when you think about it...

  3. Thinking
    Caroline reacted to tntprodigy in How Desperate?   
    eop cock slapped foe in p2p but foe cock slapped eop in f2p
  4. Poggers
  5. Like
    Caroline got a reaction from Satans in Final Ownage Elite Presents to you, "3 Clans 0 Win" ft. Some random 308 masser clan, IR and Apex (bitch dog clans)   
    I'm just a +1 kiddo, all I want to be
  6. Like
    Caroline reacted to tntprodigy in How to improve SB/Pure clanning   
    logically no clans will do it because they dont wanna look "bad" on a pixelated game unless they are good at prepping, 
    then clans will complain about timeing and when they will do it but nothing will happen
  7. Like
    Caroline reacted to puppyslush in How to improve SB/Pure clanning   
    Yes, but people will still not prep unless we put in a better incentive system(beyond rsgp)
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    Caroline reacted to 👑乃e乃rilliant in How to improve SB/Pure clanning   
    Hi brewers,
    I was thinking a bit and came up with an Idea to improve SB and the clanning experience as a whole,
    So everybody these days is like "We got the belt" after winning one prep.
    a solution to that is having an actual score-board that shows which are the top clans.
    this score board wouldnt just work by adding up all preps a certain clan has, becouse they could just farm wins of lower tier clans.
    So the Idea is basically to implement an Elo rating score-board.
    ( if you dont know how that works: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system )
    this way we can actually see the ranking of certain clans and could improve the betting system we currently have.
    you can also add a feature in there that if you dont prep for a week (or more) to decay in elo. wich will promote clans in doing more preps.
    Let me know what you guys think about this! 
    - Undiscriminated score-board
    - Public for everybody to see the current score
    - Promoting activity
    - forcing higher tier clans to fight each other
    - Giving a banner for the best clan each month
    - everybody starting at the same level ( could be nice to start the year like this)
    - Slush gotta do some work to create this system, (If you're smart you ask you buddy over at jagex)
  9. Good
    Caroline got a reaction from DULL in When you sabotage pure community updates because of your sharkbrew ban   
    I mean I don't agree with what he's doing by any means, but he does have a point. If we're trying to push for updates, I feel like openly being sponsored by gold selling sites doesn't do us justice. 
  10. Meh
    Caroline got a reaction from Phebz in When you sabotage pure community updates because of your sharkbrew ban   
    Well exactly, it's a double edged sword
  11. Good
    Caroline reacted to Killer Kamal in Fixing clanning   
    Custom clan capes where you can submit your design
  12. Good Banter
    Caroline reacted to puppyslush in eop lpc scene golden era b   
  13. Like
    Caroline reacted to Halp in Apex vs Cutthroat | FT50 P2P Event 2-1 | Nov 2nd 2018   
    Definitely one of the most fun preps I’ve been apart of in a while. Hoping to do this again maybe change up the rules a little bit.
    Thank you for the fun event cut throat!
  14. Like
    Caroline reacted to موني in Apex vs Cutthroat | FT50 P2P Event 2-1 | Nov 2nd 2018   
    Wud be sick if two mains came together to do like 70v100 that wud be interesting 
  15. Like
    Caroline reacted to Aleus in Apex vs Cutthroat | FT50 P2P Event 2-1 | Nov 2nd 2018   
    Thanks Cutthroat for giving Apex some clean action.
    Was fun.
  16. Like
    Caroline reacted to Stl Arrow in (Pure)Apex vs cutthroat(main)   
    I like seeing clans doing new things. Respect to em.
  17. Good
    Caroline reacted to professor finessor in (Pure)Apex vs cutthroat(main)   
    it was a 0.7 to 1 ratio of opts. not sure if its the "fair" golden rule for mains v pures but we (apex) are down to keep experimenting
  18. Good
    Caroline reacted to Old Nox in (Pure)Apex vs cutthroat(main)   
  19. Like
    Caroline reacted to Colin in Pure Community in-game suggestions   
    What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment?
    Mains have been ruining the scene since the 30 def HPC scene
    What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem?
    1-20  defense WILDERNESS worlds should be the top priority for the pure community.  Two for p2p, two for f2p. It would finally quash mains, and we would see more progression in the scene. Currently nobody gives a shit and bring a fuck ton of mains every trip. 
    How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for?
    This I'm not sure of. 
  20. Like
    Caroline reacted to Tyendinaga in Pure Community in-game suggestions   
    15/20% of the community can choose to not abide by the loosely agreed rules and force other players who are otherwise unwilling to comply to play along.
    our current clw rules loosely dictate 1 def gear, but cannot enforce further. nothing stops a 20/30 def player from participating. 
    for preps and other organized events taking place in clw, the portal could bar players with certain stats from entering other than spectating(ex: def level over 7 barred). other small features such as leaving cc counting as a kill for other team should also be considered.
  21. Like
    Caroline reacted to puppyslush in Pure Community in-game suggestions   
    I actually pushed that forward to mod ash a while back, but I wasn't ready to put in 100% to back the idea as I wondered whether if there are more ideas from the community they would like:
  22. Like
    Caroline reacted to Red Vision in Pure Community in-game suggestions   
    We need a very clear clanning system in game. Currently its getting more difficult to bring new blood into both the main and pure scenes.
    I suggest bringing something back like the citadel system in rs3. But no citadel. Bring back like banners. Also make like some kind of boards in edgeville or varrock that will let you search for certain types of clans. 
    We need to push for new blood. Push for a clanning system
  23. Meh
    Caroline got a reaction from Phebz in Phebz + Apply for a Sharkbrew rank today!   
  24. Like
    Caroline reacted to puppyslush in New Community Code Of Conduct   
    Community Code of Conduct
    Firstly, I would like to thank @Eevee(Victoria) for writing the new revised guidelines. Under these new guidelines, we are looking to build a community that is open, and attractive to new players, but yet still allow for the community banter that occurs between clans. With Victoria's vast experience moderating online communities, we will be able achieve this goal.
    Key Changes:
    Warning points now expire after 90 days(up from 30 days)
    Suspension for your first warn has significantly increased
    Community Disciplinarians
    Some sharkbrew ranks may have a subgroup called "Community Moderators". These ranks help upkeep and maintain the community rules. If you have any rule suggestions or like to report potential infringers, do drop them a message!  Currently the following ranks in this subgroup are: @Eevee  @Nolan  @Caroline.
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    Caroline reacted to Kye in Sanity Tournament of Champions   
    Here at SharkBrew we're happy to support any tournament which is why we are endorsing Sanity's tournament. This tournament is set to rival the PvP Championship with a 1b prize pool and in competition/Jagex involvement.
    Mod Sween is working hard to get the turrets map remade to its pre eoc glory, there has also been talks of the winners getting an ingame statue. There are currently 13 clans/teams entering.
    Now without further ado here are all the details regarding the tournament.
        Welcome to Sanity’s tournament of champions! In order to be more inclusive & involve the whole Runescape community we’re hosting an RSB (maxed warring) clan wars tournament with RESTRICTED GEAR (Ely, Ancestral, Venom will be off). Hopefully this will leave the door open for many clans and teams who aren’t accustom to trying this style of fighting due to gear issues. We’re hoping running a 2-day tournament instead of weekly fights will ensure more focus throughout the tournament. Please read below.   Tournament Discord: https://discord.gg/bgeaYxZ
    For more information about the tournament feel free to idle our discord channel.   Tournament Dates: December 1st, December 2nd (Weekend Before DMM Tourney)   Prize Pot: 1b~ (Haven’t opened donations yet, expecting to be around 1b)   Brackets: 10v10 & 5v5   Official Tournament Twitter: @sanityosrs   Memberlist Rules: Each player can be on ONE memberlist for EACH category. For example: Warrer A is in Sanity and fights for their 10v10 team but wants to be on a different team for 5v5s. 100% Acceptable. We’ll give more details as to how we’re expecting each Clan/Team to submit their memberlists as we get closer to the tournament. Current Gear Restrictions: ELY/ANCESTRAL/VENOM OFF   Full list of allowed gear and draft of the topic is available here https://i.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/33a836065d75678551b7e683984df5f9-png.jpg YOU'VE BEEN INVITED TO JOIN A SERVER
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