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  1. Nh ing

    showcase Recent Graphics Work

    yh izad is very good with his gfx
  2. Nh ing

    weekend 90 MISFITS IN THE WILD | 30 war IN CLAN WARS

    Congrats MF. Nice pull.
  3. Nh ing

    pure hey i made a meme

    fer fuk sakes lol
  4. Nh ing

    what fighting envy looks like

    That's fucking retarded
  5. Nh ing

    pure account Looking for a Pure Clan

    Clan-apex.net/community for the #1 P2P matched clan, hella active eastern based clan. As for discord, we do not use it for voice, alot of clans use teamspeak.
  6. Nh ing


  7. Nh ing


    ya hi
  8. says the guy with a 6 man snipe team in lpc today ROFL. ur clan literally disappeared after u found out we had even opts LMFAO
  9. Nh ing

    pure SUP 11/17/18

    they r getting triggered man
  10. Nh ing

    Apex vs fo | 18v18 Big Mini 4-1 [easy]

    was very easy
  11. You get easily triggered lol stay off the brew man
  12. You forgot to put the part where apex logged in on you at Falador and you dipped in .5, then got cleared in singles at al kharid...
  13. Nh ing

    pure Your clan bring mains