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  1. Agree. Fi got their hype. Why try to close a clan that gives clans action
  2. Hahahahahaha Hassan you funny af. "If we can close CD we can close anybody" lmao that hype tho Gllllllll
  3. While foe beats apex in f2p server and pulls 40+. Eop barely pulls 35 and cant win against apex. 

    No wonder their own high rank post other clans aftermath l000l

    Enjoy being rank last place in f2p. Close already lmaooooo


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    2. Opticals


      this fucking guy dude.... 

    3. DilL


      pkeru wins again

    4. Tyga


      @hotguy we actually pulled more. Considering IR didn’t pull a lot, we told our gmt if they wanted to leave they could 

  4. Eom is so trash lmao

    1. Pker4life


      At least foe has the balls to do three rounds eom is too pussy to even finish. Pathetic shit clan. Close already

  5. Lmao eop is so garbage. Stay easy . Gf Apex foe will put up a better fight then those spastics
  6. Imagine your clan being so ass that you have to post another clans aftermath lmfaoooo I'm so dead wuu2 idiot @17_

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    2. 0ldschooler


      Imagine hating your kids so much, that you ditch them to start a runescape career as a 34 year old man.

    3. Meet Them With Scims

      Meet Them With Scims

      u pulled 38 to a trip and cancelled the next weekend haha

    4. JoJo


      nice 38 pull bro l0l get a grip on ur life

  7. L000l someone please confirmed when was the last time eruption of mains won a prep let alone a mini lmao pure garbage bro

  8. L000l full of shit like your miserable life
  9. Eom sounds shook. Stay easy kid

    1. Pker4life


      Eruption of mains****

  10. Eop is a pure clan aka main clan. They constantly use mains to be able to compete with pures during f2p and p2p. Trust me bro
  11. Smart choice introding at foe. Welcome my friend
  12. Dude below me is a wanker, a good slave dog. L00l dog Is mad supremacy is killing apex

    1. Anton


      You're doing good against eop :)

    2. Martin Tyler

      Martin Tyler

      lmfao keep going

  13. Foe has a big uk member base and also extremely good in f2p not saying that because I'm in foe but because our f2p quality is on point and no mains unlike others. Foe-rs.com Drop a intro bro
  14. And if I was a apex rank i would of kyp with a big ban you freak, bark big for me dog since you have the need to @ me
  15. L000l. Mf tried to crashed but failed miserable.
  16. Foe btw

    Foe-rs.com for ownage

  17. 0 ask. You should know the response already if you clan enough but you sound nubby af
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