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    Kye reacted to Bluewatch in Message to my FOE niggas trapped in UB   
    yeah boys fudog got the keys
  2. Good
    Kye got a reaction from Bibii in Dont watch this if Sharkbrew Rank   
    I could could sit here for hours just typing up a response to this video, but I need to do my Christmas shopping! So i'll leave it at this;
    People don't like authority, its probably one of the most human instincts and as a platform there is very little sharkbrew can do about that. People are quick to shit on sharkbrew but have never once done anything to help the community that they themselves are a part of. I honestly believe that sharkbrew could be ran flawlessly and people would still find a way to discredit us and refuse to work with us. At some stage we have to realise the limitations that we have, and its why we have recently taken RWT sponsors. If sharkbrew can exist to host events and give people a good time we're probably doing something right. Naturally we have tons of other projects ongoing but I think the events will become the core of platform. 
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    Kye got a reaction from cxntrxl in #UwU vs Brigada 2-0   
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    Kye got a reaction from H88 in #UwU vs Brigada 2-0   
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    Kye reacted to Paul in Top 10 Main Clans 2018   
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    Kye reacted to Murd in System Promotions + Important notice to all clan leaders   
    They should fly @Jamzout to them, 50 for the price of 1. That's a good bang for your buck
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    Kye reacted to puppyslush in Moving forward; our goals for the community and the site   
    This announcement topic is to describe Sharkbrew's future goal for the community, why we need to achieve those goals, and how we are going to achieve them
    PvP & Clanning Updates
    Around June 2018, we were approached by Mod Sween from Jagex who wanted feedback on weapon mechanics updates that may affect PvP community. At that time, we did not have the community(esp. the main community) well integrated enough to help provide the necessary and feedback value that he was looking for. As a result, communications slowly died off and he eventually departed the site.
    As much as the JMods are game moderators and are community oriented, they are still answerable to a managerial chain of command whose primary aim is: How do we make more money? If I dedicate X number of Jmod hours on this update(business cost), will I get back Y amount of players(revenue). This could be one of the reasons why highly upvoted reddit posts often are addressed directly and even implemented in game by Jagex because they see the value in such posts.
    Thus, in order for PvP/clanning related update suggestion to achieve this same level of attention by Jagex, we have to emulate this value for them.
    Why should we going to provide this value?
    For years now, Jagex has either ignored or resisted our concerns and our appeals to introducing updates that would greatly benefit our community. Furthermore, as of late, they have implemented updates that have wiped out entire segments of our community. Unfortunately, due to the perceived small size of our community and our distinct dividedness, Jagex will continue to see us as the tiny minority of the community that they can continue to ignore without any risk or harm to their reputation.
    How are we going to provide this value?
    In order to provide this value, we need to centralize the entire community under one platform, this is so that ideas can be vetted within our scene, and thus we can provide the value, which reddit does already, of like-minded individuals who are ultra focused on this area of the game.
    Primary Goals - Activity and Ideas
    Create a portal that aggregates the activity of clanning and PvP Create a system that encourages the community to share ideas Generate community momentum behind said ideas With the above systems in place, we shall go on the offense and start pushing our ideas and agenda to Jagex and to the rest of the community Concurrent Goals - Addressing Fundamental challenges of Clanning
    Lowering the barrier of entry for recruitment Fully connect Sharkbrew with our other social media platforms Community Events Toxicity on Sharkbrew platforms Address or defend the image of clanning that has been heavily slated by bias 3rd party official fansites, i.e. Reddit Encourage members of the community to start new clans  

    Activity and Ideas
    We have recently launched the League system that tracks CWA and wilderness activity of clans. The goal of this system is to encourage healthy competition between clans while also primarily serving as a recruitment and motivational tool for clans. As the Sharkbrew brand name is fairly well established, we want new visitors to the site to be impressed by the sheer activity that clanning provides.
    We hope that with majority of the clans joining our league system, we can then use this to attract like-minded members to start contributing PvP and clanning related ideas to help boost the interaction in the community- similar to the modus operandi of the working community at Reddit. Once we get the momentum going, it is going to be extremely difficult to stop.
    Secondly, we are going to expand the League system to include tracking individual Pking. This additional will complete the recruit cycle on sharkbrew- something which I will elaborate on later.
    Now with the community being behind said ideas that were generated before, our goal is to push these ideas on various forums to Jagex. Unlike the previous time where it was only 75~ votes and comments, we hope to aggregate the opinions of a few hundred active clanners, thus showing to Jagex that we mean quite a fair bit of business.

    Addressing Fundamental challenges of Clanning
    As we are facing an older user base with less time to commit to the rigors of clanning, Sharkbrew's goal is to reduce some of the monotonous tasks of running a clan, thus hopefully we can free up time for what leaders and members enjoy most about clanning- participating in events and fighting other clans
    Lowering the barrier of entry for recruitment
    All clans today actively recruit in game, and this is their primary source of active members. I have idled in 4 social CCs while training my med account, and I have come across quite a fair number of pures and PKers who generally dominate said discussions in those CCs. The market is there, but clans have to set aside time and effort to recruit such members.
    Passive recruitment
    The origins of a pure community/community forums(zybez) stems from the root idea that by posting your clan's aftermath topic, visitors to the site would be inclined to register on your clan forums to join your clan. This form of recruitment requires the least effort on behalf of the clan. Our goal is to improve the passive recruitment for all clans using sharkbrew, and we shall achieve this with the following:
    Merging Sharkbrew twitter
    Sharkbrew's twitter account currently runs a daily top BH hunter highscore list. Our audience base consist mostly of BH and 1v1 pkers. While our follower count is not amazing, our twitter posts reaches out to around 800-1k users daily.

    Our goal is to eventually post clan aftermath topics on our twitter and synchronize our twitter audience with Sharkbrew forums, thus exposing clans to a whole new audience base
    1v1 ELO league system
    By expanding the league system to include 1v1 PKers, we hope to complete the recruitment cycle where players who are competitive in 1v1 uses our league system, is then exposed to clanning, and hopefully these players will eventually join one of the clans using Sharkbrew.
    @Moniwill be leading the above system
    Wiki System
    Our plan is to build a PvP and clanning oriented wiki system that contain guides for for clanning and PvPers. Written by people who know the scene best . With a bit of SEO management, we hope that our guides would be the first link people click when searching for "1 defense pure guide"/"how to make a zerk" on google, and ultimately be exposed to clanning when visiting our site
    @Eeveeis leading the above system
    Toxicity on Sharkbrew platforms
    We are aware of the toxicity that stems from our platforms, and in 2016 Sharkbrew can probably hold the record for being the most toxic community, unless you were also drinking tap water in flint michigan. Our goal is to significantly clamp down on the toxicity that stems from our platforms, both on forums and in discord. We understand that we cannot grow if we were to remain in a state of toxicity as new members would be put off from joining the clanning community.
    As such, the rules have been completely revamped and we are going to push for a competitive community that is also clean in the process
    @Eeveeis leading the the moderation team
    @Breakand @Yakis leading the mod team for discord
    Community Events
    In the coming months, you will see more community events being hosted by Sharkbrew. This is to publicize the strengths and activity of our scene when we eventually connect with our other social media platforms
    @Kyewill be leading this system
    Fully connect Sharkbrew with our other social media platforms
    As mentioned earlier, we will be synchronizing the forums with our twitter platform. Once we have enough users, we will be reaching out to reddit as well. The aim is once again to blast out the sheer activity of clanning.

    People are looking for clans on 2007scape reddit, however majority of the content is dominated by "Lets shit on clanning/pvp" memes that such posts don't get the attention they deserve.
    Address or defend the image of clanning that has been heavily slated by bias 3rd party official fansites, i.e. Reddit
    This is connected to the previous point where in addition to advertising the activity of clanning, we are also going to create a campaign to help mitigate some of the poor image clanning has suffered, i.e. under DMM/Mod Jed for example.
    Encourage members of the community to start new clans
    With the above objectives achieved, we hope more community members would be motivated to start a clan and join into the fight fest!

    Looking for New Ranks!
    In summary, to achieve all of our above goals, Sharkbrew is looking for new ranks. If you are motivated enough to help us and by extension help the community, please make an application topic here:
    In the application topic, we would like for you to state which system you like to work on/improve
    We also welcome any new ideas as we are flexible enough to incorporate new ones- as long as our goals are achieved!
  8. Good
    Kye reacted to UB Public Relations in Unbreakable Returns   
    Unbreakable is reopening. We are not reopening for nothing though, and with our return we are hoping to also help return the clanworld to a better state. 
    With our opening we plan to help revitalize the clanwars scene, re-popularize fights that are not endless return fests sitting on return spots, and help bolster a new scene with less cancer and more fun for all clans. In the coming days I will reach out to all other clan leaders about the direction the clan scene is going and how we can make changes for the better. It is my hope that we can agree on a new way forward, and with the first steps I have already made with some clan leaders I feel it is possible.
    Starving clans wasnt always the norm, endless return fights where nobody wins wasnt always the norm, cancer wasnt always the norm. These are problems we can tackle together as a scene without the cancerous influence of previous mentalities.
    Feel free to join our discord as we get our site and teamspeak ready in the coming days. All ex-members and people who wish to be a part of this new way forward are encouraged to hang around in discord as we set up. See you around. - HANU
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    Kye got a reaction from robbyy in Knockout celebrates 100 mini wins ft Pups 2-1 Sets   
    Don't think we mini often enough to be confident in staking but maybe in the future!
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    Kye got a reaction from nawe in Knockout celebrates 100 mini wins ft Pups 2-1 Sets   
    Don't think we mini often enough to be confident in staking but maybe in the future!
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    Kye got a reaction from FLOWER in Onslaught vs fatality pkri GDZ   
    Topic Added To League Table
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    Kye reacted to Jamie ツ in Who winning men   
    Unbiased opinion with all of these votes
    Foe > Outrage - As of right now I'd have to say Foe has the slight advantage due to the experience they have as a whole, and the numbers.
    LY > CD - I haven't really paid attention to this rivalry in a long time, but it seems like CD is dwindling due to ranks leaving, and Sam's too determined to off.
    Rage | Supremacy - There isn't really a winning clan right now, every weekend trip has been pretty back and forth and no clan shows sign of stopping anytime soon.
    In all fairness, I understand rivalries are meant for 1 clan to kill another and close, but hopefully none of these clans truly close in hopes for the scene to not die, it's already kind of cancerous since the 20 defence movement, and hopefully no shallow ego'd leaders decide getting 30/39.
  13. Good Banter
    Kye reacted to puppyslush in Requesting forgiveness and unban from this great community!   
    When we were trying to push for clanning updates from jagex, you went around PMing those jmods saying we weren't trustworthy to work with. While it didn't do crap as ultimately Jagex didn't really listen to clanning in general, it showed you were willing to shit on our efforts to benefits the entire community. You are a pariah dog infected with rabies and should be quarantined as such.
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    Kye got a reaction from Haro in New discord channel and new posting restrictions   
    Hey everyone, quick update here. 
    For a while now pures posting in the mains channel and vice versa has been an issue, we've had a lot of discussion around this, we've considered making opt in roles when you join the server that limit access to said channels, make the channels read only etc. However for the time being at least we have decided these ideas would be too radical, we don't want to completely split the community's, only make sure that every community gets its own voice. We are aware that pures in particular often go to the bonfire channel to have mature discussions, post their topics etc. With this in mind:
    We have created a new channel called "ceasefire". This channel is for both the pure and main community's where people can have mature discussions post their topics etc. This means that we will now be enforcing
    NO main content in campfire unless it directly relates to pures (for example discussing the affects of mains on the pure scene is fine) NO pure content in bonfire unless it directly relates to mains (for example discussing the affects of pures on the main scene is fine) We hope with these changes both community's will prosper. 
  15. Good Banter
    Kye reacted to IMK in Moi + BC VS ROT +TS+SV FT. DK +1750 empire   
    Rot needed the whole alliance to take on some lvl 110 pvmers lmfao 
  16. Poggers
    Kye got a reaction from arf in Pups vs Outrage Mini 2-1 Sets   
    1 defers smoke 25 defers in 720HD 60fps
  17. Like
    Kye got a reaction from Pasco in Pups vs Outrage Mini 2-1 Sets   
    1 defers smoke 25 defers in 720HD 60fps
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    Kye reacted to IMK in How do you get into the main scene?   
    Depends on the kind of main clan you want to join. Some of the older, more established clans have pretty rigorous application processes to weed out either leaks or people they don't deem to be high enough quality of a player for them (elitism etc). 
    However, there are also a lot more open/casual PK teams around that let anyone join. Groups like Divine Kings (very easy/simple app process), "Authority" (Lil Cards stream/open cc team), Skulled Revs cc, the 1500 total world team "Moi", etc. Some established clans (Violent Resolution, Vanguard, etc) also have a somewhat easy application process compared to some of the more serious clans like CT, Rev, DF, Rot, etc. 
    Those kind of clans may not be to your liking (low levels, low quality, etc), but they're a great way to get into main clanning if you don't know anyone in any of the established clans since people from said clans will hang around these teams and recruit off them. 
    Granted, it is still possible to get into the serious clans without knowing anyone, it just takes a lot of effort and dedication (constant activity around their forums, discord, speaking with ranks frequently, etc). 
    Good luck finding something. 
  19. Thanks
    Kye reacted to IMK in How do you get into the main scene?   
    Isn't there only 6 actual pure clans as well, and the rest are glorified rev teams? Nor would I consider pure events to have a "variety" in comparison to mains. Pures go out at the same time every weekend and spend most of the 2 hours clans are out walking around or lobbied while they scout someone to hit or wait for a leak to get a hit off where a fight then lasts 5-10 mins at most (obv there are some outliers) until one side flops or a bunch of other clans hit it. You could say preps are variety, but most pure clans don't prep their rivals and some even avoid entire tournaments because they're scared to lose. 
    Main scene is definitely not in its prime by any means, but aside from 2-3 clans, everyone pulls about the same which allows for a myriad of fights between many clans in revs (and outside of revs if those involved are capable of speaking to each other and setting up a fight elsewhere). One fight even lasting 4 hours the other night (not 1 iteming). 
    And yeah, the open cc/pvm teams may not be actual clans, but they make up for it in numbers so they still provide good fights for some clans. 
  20. Poor Banter
    Kye got a reaction from ahegao in [CHAMPS] THE GRANDPAS vs pups ft. Esteban [OLDSCHOOL RUNESCAPE TOURNAMENT]   
    I wasn't even on lmao woulda been easy if i was there
  21. Thinking
    Kye reacted to hotguy in [CHAMPS] THE GRANDPAS vs pups ft. Esteban [OLDSCHOOL RUNESCAPE TOURNAMENT]   
    niggas rly signed up with 4 different teams just to lose to us
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    Kye got a reaction from im_sorehab in Imagine using rot meds as an excuse   
    stfu @A1v1
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    Kye got a reaction from Break in Competitive Gaming Beyond Runescape. What Do You Play Now?   
    Competitive OSRS (if that can even be considered a thing at this point) and Fortnite somewhat competitively
  24. Poor Banter
    Kye got a reaction from Sharkbrew Legend in Day 1 - RoT ends fo in under an hour   
    Locked for obvious reasons.
  25. Poggers
    Kye reacted to arf in LPC Prep Team - Sloth Empire   
    Hello readers, 
    We, the staff team of Sloth Empire would like to introduce ourselves. As individuals representing all corners of pure clanning, we come together in the mutual interest of clw activity to benefit both those who are invested in the growth of both themselves and the overall bracket's participation in clw. We hope that our values and interests are already shared by many and we hope to see more feel the same way in the coming months. 
    What is Sloth Empire ? Simply put, we would like to extend the opportunity for anyone of any skill level interested in P2P clan wars the chance to participate with us or against us in the mutual benefit that action and individual improvement are the goals for both those participating with us and who we are fighting. We have no interest or ambitions to be a 'super team', instead looking to help provide further action in P2P clw and assist those looking to up their game as stated above. With a balanced contribution by nearly all active LPC clans, we hope the equal representation will aid in our goals moving forward. 
    Tyen xoxo 
    Apex Reas 
    ~Sloth Empire Staff
    TL;DR New prep team, anyone is welcome - the more variety of members from different facets of the pure scene the better.

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