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announcement System Promotions + Important notice to all clan leaders

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Unfortunately work on the wiki has slowed down and we honestly need all the hands we can get at this time. Our immediate objective is to create a central portal of up to date guides for anyone new to pvping and clanning, thus I have arranged the rank structure and promoted 2 capable people to execute this change

@Eeveeto Counselor - She has done excellent work with the community moderation team, created the current set of rules, and has helped detoxify the forum community- thus I am confident in her abilities to lead and manage. I pleased to announce that she accepted my request to lead the wiki team and I honestly can't wait to see what she has planned in store for the wiki team.

@I Rep Dutchto Gatekeeper - When we announced the wiki update some time back, he was one of the first individuals to sign up to the wiki moderation team, since then he has been contributing articles without our supervision, however in recent weeks, he has indicated he wanted to contribute more, so lets welcome him!


There are still outstanding promotion application topics which I have not gone through yet, we are still looking for people and I plan to do an additional general promotion in coming weeks



Any updates to the wiki will now be published to the campfire channel of discord. This is to advertise said changes to the page and encourage community engagement


In the coming days I will be doing a rewards system where you get sharkpoints for editing wiki pages



Clan leaders

Jagex will be opening up a registration form where they would fly you to cambridge to share your ideas on how to improve clanning, keep an eye out for the announcement newspost on the OSRS site and I hope all of you register to share our many ideas to them!



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