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Found 1244 results

  1. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today we had a Little Scrap Vs CT planned. We started out just above low level altar in a multi spells fight. The Vikings took control pretty early and stayed strong for about 10 minutes (in fairness having +2 ops helped). After the 20 minutes Rev rushed in to crash with 50+ and both sides dipped and decided to take it to CWA. We set up a multi spells 20minute fight. Highest Kill count wins the day. We went down early and 18 deaths to 9 kills... But in true Vengeance fashion we pulled our big boy pants up and brought it back 28-28. After 20 minutes Vengeance stood victorious 55 Vengeance Kills to 45 Cutthroat. Part III of the adventure took us out to the wild where we lured a few unsuspecting single pkers into altar. Needless to say they were visiting GE shortly after. The rest of the wild was absolutely dead until we ran into VR and got a 5minute scrap. We made quick work of them as their were too many Vikings for them to handle. Mid-Fight SV randoms came in trying to crash and got sent back to edgeville after tanking maybe 1/4 their inventories. Another easy sunday win here at Vengeance Headquarters. On to the next
  2. CC: BP PUB This Sunday we massed up 78 blunted warriors later peaking at whopping 82. We maintained a strong 70+ pull all trip, which lasted over 2 hours. Thanks to all BP members who showed up! We pretty much fought every clan. At ca we 1v1d FoE and also had some good action against UB and Sup at north Falador. Most of the time we took part in huge clusters, clearing clans left and right. After dominating the pure scene and lowering our opponents morals for over 2 hours we heard that most of the community is ending their trips so we called it quits. Thanks for the fun trip all clans! VIDEOS Mallu Sensei PICTURES
  3. https://zenith-rs.com/community | Zenith.ts3chat.com Massed up for some action in the caveZ today for what was a 4 hour long loot filled and clan slaughtering event. We peaked 26 Shooters for this long ass trip. We found clans like IO/DC/LY who got completely wiped every time they teleported to the caveZ. Shout out to FI and BP for putting up fights and giving us action as we feasted tonight. Co0kiezs W0lF
  4. Today 12/27/19 we massed up for our PKRI vs Supremacy we left Edge Peaking 34. Overall it was a fun 3 fights we had with Supremacy and Rage Thank you for coming out and for the few hours of action we got on this Friday night was definitely worth it.
  6. IO went back out today on the last p2p sunday of 2019. Massed 55 wolves in voice, peaking at 57! Went out to fight BP, had a good start of a fight and got crashed quickly. A lot of our guys were new so we missed a couple hits, but found RW + FOE at GDZ, and had a little fight there. Found a cluster in w92 Bandit camp, had fights with BP, UB, RS, OG, and FI Here's the Aftermath pics/vid:
  7. Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on pking instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's a noticeable difference. Join Hydra Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Pkers of all experience levels welcome, but skilled pkers preferred. Requirements: 70+ cmb 1-20 def 50+ att 80+ str/rng 85+ mage 43+ prayer Cc is cc_Hydra Website Leader: Trikb0w High Council: Tyler Officers: VotxKrom, Haro Council: Desk Agent, MKD adePt Warlord: Zack Mangler
  8. 01/12/2019 | Blunt Purez massed up 44 Strong elite Spartans and peeked later on 51 Soldiers! To start of our little bird found a fight inside CA between Apex and OG ( and a sad little snipe squad of SF) so we quickly dominated SF of the map and went in for Apex and OG. Thanks for the action ❤️ 🦍🦈 Legacy defended Fog, While our north side was wrapping it around and south was defending it and holding it strong, we got crashed by rage and Resistance, thanks for the clean fight legacy! Apex defended Boneyard | we rushed west of boneyard to attack the strong defending sharks! Our north side was cleaning it up and came south to help the defending side! Meanwhile apex returned like maniacs and BP holding there ground strong we got crashed by a clan south of us! Thanks sharks for the clean fight apex! Round 2 | BP defending at 25 hill | We had a strong north to the south spread out and waited for apex to hit us, they were on the hills and our whole south side wrapped it around! | Thanks for the clean round 2 apex! Falador massacre | birdie told us UB & SUP & RS fighting in the heart of falador! We regrouped fast and hit UB in the back surrounded whole falador! And sniped Sup & RS, Rage outnumbered us and ran over! Thanks for the action! ❤️ GDZ PLUNDER | At the end of the day we had 39 Gazed Spartans left and had a clean fight vs Onslaught while we cleaning it up and strong returning of both clans Apex came by to say hello, so we had a nice 3 way ! Loots- Thanks for the action guys cya next sunday ❤️
  9. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Sunday, December 1 - Peaking at just over 80 bears we were once again determined supremacy + legacy would get little to no action.. Todays trip consisted of just that, with 5 good hits on supremacy making them instantly run and tele at the sight of us and legacy completely swept off the map at 18 ports in a 4 clan cluster With FOE having a similar pull to us we had some good competitive fights against them -- with a fun clump war at Bandits/Fally + d claw loot😎 MORE PICS BELOW
  10. supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net On this very fine Sunday before heading into Thanksgiving, Supremacy massed up 60 hungry tigers to deal some serious damage to the opposing. Knowing that Rage was likely going to pull one-eyed sandcrabbers and lose to FOE down opts, we had our eyes set on other clans. Today's action consisted mostly of several 1v1's with Fatality and with clusters from Unbreakable, Blunt Purez, and Apex Thanks to all clans that gave us tussles! And thanks to all the JUICY LOOTS from the several GWASSES we landed on clans. Noel's POV Brandon's POV Wolf's POV JD's POV 4x Gwasses, 2 clans, 2 locations (Fatality 2x, Unbreakable 1x)
  11. Massed up 80 Bears today to prove dominance over our shit enemies as we do every weekend. With Legacy slumped into submission, them and their allies soup were in no position to 2v1 us. As they have every weekend for the past 2 months, both clans would tele on sight throughout the whole trip. We started out by hitting a cluster at boneyard. We logged in and instantly pushed every single clan from boneyard down to pond, picking off innocent bystanders as we stormed through. Without banking we walked back north hoping for some more competition. Foe logged in from the south and our second fight began. We wrapped around them and slaughtered the helpless mages 1 by 1. Eventually they were forced to tele out as there were also some main spastics camping them. We hit many clusters before getting a final 1v1 for the day with Foe at boneyard. Being down a few opts we were forced to pull it south to Corp after a few minutes of fighting. It went back and forth down here for a while until pisspremacy ended their trip to come 1 item the clan they haven't been able to compete with for months. We decided to call it there instead of giving them the satisfaction. All in all, another #1 weekend for the Bears. @K0nt @Wild Pictures ty foe
  12. Clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Went out with 80 STRONG Bears ready to make sure Legashit and Slumpremacy wouldnt have any action, made sure Legashit ended their trip in exactly 2 minutes and 57 seconds pulling 28 - hiding in the caves only to get cleared and ending their trip. Expected some decent fights from Slumpremacy (50 man pull) but instead they were hiding in P2P worlds, at the bank, at the ditch and later in Clan Wars - just know we wont ever off and Saturdays will never be the same for you. We either want a closing topic, Supremacy kicking Don & 3AT or 2B Coins (Expect things only to get worse for you if you dont l0l). Got rushed by Final Ownage Elite when we wanted to end our trip, not having everyone in game and SlumpremacyMains in FOE capes. Thanks to everyone showing up today, see you all on Sunday when we'll be having our BIG P2P SUNDAY trip ready to own everyone. @Logic
  13. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, 23rd November, 2019; Outrage massed up for our weekly F2P Trip, peaking at around 32 members. Today's trip consisted of a couple of tussles with Fatality, a very easy brawl with Apex in singles and to top it all off a 10 min capped fight with Resistance in clan wars. @Oivc @Eztocrypt To start off the day we approached Fatality for a fight as we had even opts. Rushing in from east bandits we scimmed there backlines. Apex and Fo decided to crash so both clans ran into singles. Gf Fi. The second fight of the day was once again vs Fatality at 13 ports dropping a few kids, Apex decides to crash from the east and a few seconds later Fo joins in so we dipped out. Thx for the fight again Fi The 3rd fight of the day we set up vs Resistance at 13 ports we were up a few opts as we started, but fatality decided to join in the fight. We tried to make a 3 way cluster pulling north. Although RS decided to dip it to single so we held our ground vs Fatality for a while before Apex crashed we ran north to single. Thx for the tussles. Our 4th fight of the day was a bit cringe and curious as to what the point of this was, but strolling through the wilderness some cringe green clan decided to hit us with a bunch of tanks in singles l0l. We retaliated putting them down to matched starting down 12. A while went by and they decided to go into multi after starting a singles fight lol? Ub Ape clan unfortunately logged on top of them and apex then ran away like little rodents on my shoe.. not being able to compete with someone there opts. So we ran south and got a fight vs RS to end the day. Thx for the pointless tussle apex To end the day we set up a 10 minute capped fight vs Resistance and took the win 95-52. Thanks for the fight lads.
  14. Quality's Sunday trip ended in Instinct's Closure when they realised they couldn't compete without 1 item raggers and bringing a shit snipe team in their capes. Thanks for your 3 weeks opener, was fun as long as it lasted.... GF to Revenge & Pink Panthers tho @Rsn ArrowPOV
  15. Irrelevant Outcasts (io) Recruiting all non-toxic pures! 3 months old, and already with 200+ members, daily rev/multi trips with 20-40 average daily pull in US timezone. We are here to find action, and have a good time, avoiding all the regular BS the pure scene offers. Weekly PVM events, and soon to be starting weekend p2p trips on sundays! *Currently looking for experienced members interested in rank or warlord positions* Information: Public cc: "io cc" Combats: ALL Combats welcome 1-20 def Timezones: Mainly US Timezone, and smaller groups in EU timezone. Rules: NO Racism, No flaming (unless otherwise provoked). How to join: PM Control#6787 on discord, with your SB username! We have scouts in most discords and do NOT allow multi clanners unless otherwise specified! Media:
  16. On this dominating Sunday we started of with 39 Big Gazed Shooters and peeked later 44 🚭 We started of defending versus Fatality | Thx for the clean action until the crash! So we returned quick South of Fog and fought Apex | Foe | OG | UB | it was one big crash fest! Our intel told us Special retards was fighting OG at bandit camp we headed quick towards bandit camp to clear of both clans! Thx OG LY and Sup were fighting at FOG so we rushed quick on the east to clear LY in the back ! Meanwhile LY was dropping and tellying out, sup returned quick to give us a clean return fight! Thx tigers! We had some nice crashes afterwords, and ended up a crash OG vs SF | SF got cleared and OG fought nicely back! Thx for the clean Sunday brothers! 🐯🐻🦍🦈🦖 PM RosaLynLee#1219 on discord if u need a chill house ! 🚭
  17. Blunt Purez started this Sunday with 40 strong stoners, and peaked later 47 stoners!! We started our fights vs Onslaught & Hydra thanks for the clean fights! We had a nice clear Crash on Unbreakable and Resistance on bandit camp! And some crashes in falador! It was a freaking good sunday for Blunt Purez besides the laggs! Check the vid below! https://youtu.be/Wp7bsIIvrMU
  18. Thanks for the action Instinct and everyone else, keep the momentum going! Aftermath: @Don ZenPOV
  19. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord For today's P2P Sunday Trip, Legacy peaked at 67 Blue Spartans for another action packed weekend trip. We destroyed Resistance all trip long bullying them from city to city, from level 5 - level 30 wildy and anywhere else they tried hiding. We also had multiple clusters throughout the day against FOE, Rage, SUP and other clans at Fally as well. GF everyone. Thank you to those who attended, be on for the events this week!
  20. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord For today's P2P Sunday Trip, Legacy peaked at 67 Blue Spartans for another action packed weekend trip. We destroyed Resistance all trip long bullying them from city to city, from level 5 - level 30 wildy and anywhere else they tried hiding. We also had multiple clusters throughout the day against FOE, Rage, SUP and other clans at Fally as well. GF everyone. Thank you to those who attended, be on for the events this week!
  21. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Unbreakable continues it's rise pulling over 50 gang members once again. Like usual, every clan targeted the Apes and like usual, it didnt matter. We killed everyone in our sights and continued to bully everyone around in the seemingly endless clusters (please fucking god fight other clans 1v1 you losers). Every single time we set up a fight, every single clan would rush from every single direction shortly after it started. Like usual, every single clan but Unbreakable was scared to set fights up in multi. We fought resistance several times and several times we were up opts (starting from anywhere from 5-9 men down btw) only for the fights to be crashed by literally everyone. Even so, we did not let that deter us and continued to battle in multi for the entirety of the trip wreaking absolute havoc on any clan that stood near us. resistance is not good but I cant help but give them at least a little props for attempting to fight us in multi when no other clans even attempted to fight eachother. Everyone hates us, we dont care. Become a target, join UB today @ ub-rs.com Jackal POV Alex POV
  22. Today Instinct Massed up 25 Owls later peaking at 32 to take on the xlpc scene. With War closing their doors and Noxi being a "glorified snipe team" and not going out. That left Revenge and Quality to be the prey to the mighty Owls With our first Fight of the day we decided to rush "Quality" Down opts. As the fight drug out Quality realized they were out matched returning in no gear. After about 25 minutes of pushing them all around CA, P18s, Corp, and multiple teams and Revenge crashing they decided to call it and take the Fat L GF Quality Hope You Pull The Same Tomorrow
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