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  1. After our morning trip we massed up 30 Green Men and went to a massive cluster that was happening around GDZ. We found Rage & Onslaught. We ran ontop of new hill and quickly started hitting both from the north slide. We managed to control the hill and sent both of them south and cleared them up. We went back to GDZ and killed stragglers. We caught a quick regroup and went back and hit Legacy north of gap. We rambo'd through them and pulled northeast to GDZ. We found Rage and Apex and started smoking through both of them, We ran through Rage and started fighting Outrage & Apex. We continued fighting Apex, Until Legacy crashed and we worked our way east to newgate. We cleared up the remaining randoms and walked down for the day. 
  2. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage gathered 37 shooters to feast on the P2P clusters at GDZ. We started the cluster off and fought non-stop for almost 2 hours, only regrouping in different worlds a handful of times. We battled pretty much every clan that was at GDZ during different stages of the cluster. We maintained 25+ warriors for the entire duration of the event, only leaving when too many rag mains appeared. Good fight clans. Thanks to all the bears for actual starting this cluster since any other clan didnt want to! Broxx By the way did anyone see Supremacy? 😂😂😂
  3. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Sunday, August 11th, 2019; Outrage set out with a peak of around ~50 dragons, ready for big ownage. Today as quite an eventful day, hitting up every single fight that took place in the wilderness as well as locations such as Falador in PVP worlds, we set up quite a few 1v1s with Apex that were really lit too, today, we were the last clan to end, ensuring that the trip would only be over when there was no more guarenteed action left, thank you all for the clusters as well as fights today, see you next weekend. Immediately as mass ended, we booked it to Boneyard where we found Apex and Fatality fighting in our home world. We made quick work of both clans and moved on for our next hit. Set up a fight against Apex and through superior organization, gained the upper hand until the fight was crashed. Immediately upon being crashed, Apex teleported out and we reorganized toward on Corp hill where we began to take down Supremacy, finally being left with just Legacy, whom we did a good job of fighting down opts despite taking on three clans until eventually Fo crashed and Legacy left, so we did too. Got word that Rage and Apex were fighting east of ruins, we took it upon ourselves to join in, cleaning up both clans before Fo crashed. Next, we set up a fight with Apex around Sperm area, where we managed to catch a good bulk of Apex in clumps and gain number advantage that we held until Fo crashed and both clans left. Found Rage and Legacy fighting north of Falador, both clans dipped shortly after our arrival. Logged in behind Resistance north of Falador, forcing them to teleport out. Rolled up on Fo with a cheeky gwas, until we got hit by a horde of black dhide raggers from the south and tele'd out. Got behind Resistance again and cleared them up. Heard rumors that Resistance was attempting to bait us, we gladly took them up on their offer and ran a train on them, before running into Rage, whom we also killed.
  4. ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ Video ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ Pictures ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD PART 1 On this fine Sunday afternoon we started our trip sweeping caves waiting on the Dead Vikings to finish their weekly max gear cwa with pures. Instantly after hopping a few worlds we ran into Unks who had about 20ish. We fought for around an hour before deciding to call it and giving them the win. Thanks for the battle fella's was fun. PART 2 At this point Veng was finishing up their weekly CWA with pures so we knew 1 of 2 things would happen. 1. They'd telly up to "shit on their rivals" (since in their eyes thats all they've been doing these past few weeks) or 2. Call it a day/hide in singles. Im sure you guys already know which route they decided to take. Once getting word they were going to altar with the numbers they had we instantly hit them and the slaughter began. We dropped nearly 6-7 of them inside altar before the rest got out and easily over 10 of them in singles over the span of 20 minutes. Its mind blowing how Veng will only fight when they either have PD to help them or they have 10+ opts on us, but claim to be the better clan lmao. I recommend prepping for every Sunday that you plan to pk during like you did the Sunday where you hyped it up all week because thats the only chance you have of being able to compete. Cya soon 😂
  6. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, August 10th, 2019; Outrage massed up peaking at around 42 members for our weekly F2P trip, we had roughly 48 unique people on the trip, some had to go, some got on later, etc. We had a really enjoyable trip with about 45-50 minutes of constatnt action thanks to Apex and Rage. See you all again tomorrow! After having our first fight with Apex crashed, we asked for a rematch which they gladly accepted, this fight took place in Falador park which went uncrashed for 20 minutes. We dropped quite a few of them off the bat and pretty much dictated the entire fight, only going down a few opts once or twice, Rage eventually crashed it, by then we had a +18 lead, both clans moved into single and logged out. Good fight Apex. Prior to our fight ending, Rage approached us with a first to 100 to end off our trips, we gladly accepted and capped it at 30 as we had 35 to their 42. We gained a quick lead and held on to a +10 lead up until about the 40 kills mark which is where we started to drop off as we had a vast majority of people still in who ran out of food as well as prayer, Rage capitalised off of this and brought it back to level, and then found themselves at a +5 lead. As the fight progressed we took back the lead and gained a +7 kill lead which eventually ended at 100-98 kills. Thank you for the fight Rage, was extremely close, looking forward to our first F2P Prep on Thursday.
  7. FORUMS | DISCORD Early on this fine Saturday afternoon the boys were hungry for some loot so we prepped a day to go run the caves. Instantly after tellying up we got word that Veng was out with the exact same opts as us with no mains to help so of course we took full advantage. A few world hops in we found them in caves and the slaughter began. After 1 hitting Local Noose (Nistly) for an elder maul & dropping two other mages on sight it was clear they weren't going to put up a fight for very long. With it being too early for PD to come hold their hands & the numbers being the same we knew they were going to call their trip after that so we tellied back up infront of them in edge and went back to sweeping. Not too long after tellying back up we ran into some pure clan that goes by the name of "PX" and the small scrap started. We banged out atleast 5-6 of them in under 30 seconds causing them to remass at entrance and rerushing. After getting them in a clump a few times and 1 hitting a few others they called it off. Thanks for the fight guys, you lasted triple the amount of time Veng did lmao. Thanks to all who attended!
  8. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Nx Rs | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 For our Saturday weekend trip Noxious massed up 26 alpha males to take on the xlpc scene in Fally PvP World. After outbreak cancelled their trip, their were only 3 clans going out today and we set out to start in Fally. Being the lowest pull out of the 3, we still managed to have the most action and impact without the use of tanks inside our own clan lmfao @StupidBrokenChalu. Gf to Apocalypse giving action on pures only lmao.
  9. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord The Spartans set off with 70 later peaking at 78 for todays P2P bloodshed. After battering CD just 1 day ago in F2P making their ranks quit mid trip etc they were nowhere to be seen in todays P2P butchery, We had clean fights vs Sup, Foe, OR, Rs, Rage etc also consisted of loads of clusters and crashing as anticipated for a P2P trip so thanks everyone for the fights. @`JD @Brandon
  10. ~ Topic written by Pillow ~ supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Supremacy's Magic Act! For our special show today we will be Pulling 60 strong tigers out of a hat with no signups! (meanwhile rage had signups and pulled 40 :0 ) While Rage attempted to avoid us all day we had many good fights vs Legacy, Resistance, and more! After bullying around Bear clan for the entire trip we decided to end with some more fun competition. We set up a ft100 clw event vs Legacy! To start our trip we set up a fight versus Resistance. We asked them to defend boneyard. We hit from the west and quickly took control of the fight. After a few minutes of fighting Rage decided to hit the fight with their massive sign up pull (40). We made a move to the south to finish killing some Resistance kids before making a quick movement to the North to overtake them. It was made apparent immediately that both clans cared more about trying to kill the MAGICal tigers. Despite it being 40v80 we still ended the fight up opts on both clans before FOC crashed. After banking our water battlestaff loots (ya'll Bears can't afford Ancient Staffs????) we decided to see if we could created a nice cluster. We hit a fight between Apex and Outrage hoping a bigger clan would show up and give us a fight. We quickly reduced Apex and CD to low numbers before Legacy hit. We were caught slightly off guard but didn't back down. We held our ground and brought the fight even. It stayed even for a bit before clans crashed and everyone scattered. For our last wilderness hit of the day we decided to visit the entire clan community at Falador. We started off by logging in on Rage at Fally center and taking them from 40 (with signups!!!) down to 18 in game before they tele'd out. We followed them to bank spamming lines of "Food is on btw". Thanks to the extraordinary scouting efforts by "Pill OwO" we knew the fight was still ongoing at Fally. We left the Rage Bears crying as we tele'd back up to Falador Garden. We hit the fight from the East and quickly steamrolled Resistance while on our way to Fally gate. Sadly, when the Rage Bears returned they were too scared to enter the gates. They sat outside playing with eachother while the big dogs (Sup, LY, and FOC) duked it out inside. Ty for +1 Mats 😉 After Finishing our wilderness adventures today we took it to Clan Wars with Legacy in a fiesty First To 100 p2p fight. Opts: 53 v 53 Ending Score: Sup 100 - 74 Legacy @•Noel @+SIKKOH @•Teleporting #PillowProductions
  11. Damage Control (traditionally known for revs) man-handled not only the pure community on this glorious Sunday but; managed to peak at 55 today (maintaining 30-45) a new record for our Sunday trips. ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ Videos ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ Pictures ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ Closing ❀⊱┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄⊰❀ overall i'd say this Sunday was a success - and we look forward to continuous and clean action! thank you for all clans which participated - and we'll see you next weekend
  12. ~ Topic written by Zack ~ supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Today Supremacy peaked at 73 strong tigers ready to curbstomp niblets broken bear brigade on day 1 of this "rivalry". Shoutout to the short-dicked simpletons for getting smoked in singles and running away from us in multi with their solid 45 signups. Here's hoping they don't end up in clan wars again tomorrow once they find out that the Tiger gang doesnt fuck around. Ham Mustafa Chris/Teleporting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQU9OtwqqhE Sikkoh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MPZ5sYUI1A We opened our trip hitting Apex vs Fi at bandits - seeing them in IR hut triggered flashbacks as our massive unit slammed into the fight with scims drawn, thirsty for blood. Sending the green clans scattering through us, we chased Fi to singles and caught a regroup after the banter hit. Rage was trying to hide behind LY so we decided to go slam into their fight in PVP worlds. We walked rage south dropping their opts by 10 people while LY made an attempt to mitigate the damage unsuccessfully. FOE turned up sending clans spiralling into single after bears got dicked down. We decided to ask FOE for a battle at even opts - the fight started in epic fashion with clans going kill for kill. Neither clan went up more than a few until finally things broke around the 50v50 mark several minutes in. FOE went up 53v45 when we pulled off the hill to regroup, and began cycling to recover opts. Using the area well, we tanked and brought the numbers back quickly, moving back onto the hill with a powerful scim push to even the opts and take the upper hand. Pushing FOE back to the east, we ended up taking a foothold for several minutes of the fight, taking the opt count as far as 55v35 in our favor. After being in control for a very long time, FOE's return unit came back to once again even the fight before LY turned up to spoil the action. Very good fight FOE. We took a shit on the bears in single once again, putting them back into permanent hibernation. Since they wouldn't man up in multi, we camped them through their mains and attempts to return in 1v1 gear while we absolutely demolished their clan until half of their opts were tanks in sup capes. Pulling to multi in hopes Rage would show any form of backbone, we stood alone as the absolute winners while dogshit rage teleported to clan wars and lost to their superior remake, outrage. Better luck next time team Z.
  13. Today we massed up 50 Bears to strut around the wilderness and prove dominance in the F2P wildy. To start off our trip, Supremacy tried to hit us in singles in an attempt to live up to their name. After 10 minutes of the Bears holding our ground and skullfucking their weaklings, they gave up on the idea of being Supreme and logged in 15+ tanks to try to run us off. We remained in the same location, wondering why they were wasting the highest pull they're going to have in the foreseeable future trying to break us in singles. After 20 minutes, Supremacy realized their tanks weren't changing anything and ran away. After a quick regroup we set up with Legacy at corp cave, where we rushed with 45 to their 55. We started strong and after bringing the fight down to even opts we maneuvered from Corp to Sperm, where our higher quality was able to lower their opts further and further until they began to suicide run from CA, to 18s, and back to Corp in a cycle. After pushing them to singles we took the W and moved on. Next we crashed a 1v1 between Outrage and Apex at fally park. After a quick scim push both clans dipped to singles and the fight ended. Ended our trip with a very close FT100 vs Outrage in Clan wars where we lost 100-99. It was a great fight, gf OR. Videos: King Broxx Pictures: 
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Short Description of trip Legacy went out on this lovely glorious Saturday with one thing in mind, and that was to finally put CD in their coffins. We massed and peaked at 60 glorious Spartans ready to disrupt Critical Damages trip. From Barb village to Varrok Ditch To GDZ and Clan wars Legacy completely broke CD and made their leader @Zeke rage quit teamspeak, which begs to ask, if your leader isn't returning than why are you? Legacy also found itself having a 10 minute uninterrupted PKRI vs Rage towards the end of the trip in which we dominated 95% of the fight. Once Rage were cleared from the map we decided to end. .
  15. On this Friday we massed up 20 Gorillas later peaking at 23 for our weekly pkri vs rage but when positioning ourselves resistance decided to hit us, So we told rage the world and they hopped in and caused a cluster and some clean action for all 3 clans. Shout out to rage and resistance for a months clean action at annarakal every Friday night #keepitalive We dominated both clans and kept on dominating thanks to our quick returns but we were the first to end as the fight lasted for over an hour and our GMT lot had to get off! TURNED OUT TO BE ONE OF THE MOST PROFITABLE PKRIS EVER!!
  16. Apocalypse peaked at 21 in channel & 25 with members from the cc. We set out to a scheduled pkri with Noxishits. Action started & barb vilage & ended in the wilderness. Thanks for the action. Join one of the best Xlpc's today CC [Apoc RS]
  17. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Today Tigers rolled out with 45 starving beasts hungry for flesh and fat lootations. We weren't disappointed in this action packed trip, which included a fight at the woodcutting guild as well as footage of tigers mauling bears that one comes to expect every weekend. While our trip was fantastic, Rage's attempts at crashing our fights can only be summed up with one word: We started the trip against CD, spreading at boneyard and catching them in clumps as they pushed inside us. Our south side demolished them from existence as the rest of them scattered to the north, leaving stragglers as free kills. We pulled south of the 30 line to avoid the crash up 15 and banked our loot. We defended east bandits for Fatality and caught clumps in the middle while our south side dished the damage on those who pushed too far. Rage crashed from the northeast, hitting the brunt of Fatality's north side while we killed the ones who tried to wrap. Seeing Rage's horrible positioning, we moved northeast and barraged out their low IQ rank team while the lost members ran for singles and teleported to edge. Seeing our chance to finish the fight, we pushed on top of Fatality and caught HUGE clumps once again near the north bandit entrance and south along the lava. As they pulled south to the return spot, the fight was crashed yet again so we dipped. Defending south of the woodcutting guild, we posted up for CD who came rushing from the south. Immediately catching a huge 7 man clump, we took a fast opt advantage. As the clumps broke and our specs claimed even more pink lives, LY turned up and we left with the win. Taking our hold east of bandits once more, we absorbed Fi's rush from the east and immediately took of the south side. We they maneuvered towards the lava, we were able to catch their east stragglers and take a significant advantage on the map. Swarming back north, we took the crash to the south and gwased the Rage kids who ventured too near single. Claiming many free kills off the bears, they ended up cleared as quickly as they appeared. We grabbed the loots and dipped Heading to PvP, we began the fight defending for Fi once more. Starting out even opted, our west side got super aggressive and pushed through, claiming kills at tiger speed. Rage turned up once again with a pathetic attempt to crash. They rushed into a fat clumps along the lava while the smart ones tried pushing around through the trees. They didnt have much luck as we destroyed the ones who tried dipping east as well. Rage ended up getting fully cleared in about 20 seconds, so we chased the stragglers south and regrouped for the next hit. We slammed into OR at boneyard, hitting them before they could move towards us. We claimed tons of kills early, but the fight was compromised quickly as the Rev Warriors came to hit us for closing their butt buddy clan. Not wanting to fuck with cancer mains, we pulled south and dipped. We found OR and Fi in PVP worlds, we hit the fight from the south and forced it north. As people were left frozen, we claimed dozens of kills. As OR was cleared from the fight, Fi was left to taste our smoke at the return spot. FOE crashed to end the fight when we were up large numbers. Oh yeah and we fucked Rage in single as well l0l SIKKOH MUSTAFA NOEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0FuNleM-Oo
  18. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tuesday 6st August: We had a event planned in the rev caves to make some bank loot. Quickly we realized that there were clans out. We decide to hit Legacy down 5. We knew this small number difference wouldn't matter to our elites. We were clearing them without any issues. During the fight Outrage logged in to the world, while we were clearing Legacy, we managed to get out safely. We then decided to get some revenge for the little hit. Our elites answered the call and quickly massed up to end Outrages pathetic excuse of a trip. 34 eagles was more than enough to clear Outrage in a matter of seconds. Shortly after this hit, Outrage ended their trip, which was unfortunate because we really thought they would of done better. 
  19. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Today Noxious massed up 25 big dick shooters later peaking at 28 to steamroll Apocalypse and anyone else that stepped foot in our wilderness. We had many fights and 1v2 situations against Outbreak, Vendetta, and Power Hunters numerous times all over the wildy and pvp coming out on top. GF everyone. We also killed 8-10 raggers in rune from yesterdays trips so shoutout to you retards for stocking up our return tabs lmfao.
  20. Topic created by the @Zewy| Read original topic on Veng Forums! Join the fun today. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today we had trip planned for 5est but the VIA (Vengeance intelligence agency) scouted res and hit a mass and within 5 minutes we were on site with 46 Strong vikings. The fight commenced and res couldn't keep more 50% of their pull on the map at a time. 15minutes later the ex EZ mains(resorting to doxing as of late) flew in along with a few of there other main dogs to try and hold vikings down. Obviously Anti Veng alliance was unsuccessful as Vengeance quality showed and just absolutely humiliated our friends at resurgence. After an hour when it became clear their was no way to get a W their daddys came in to try and rescue them but we outmaneuvered them and continued catching huge clumps. Perhaps if you spend more time getting better rather then doxing you can compete next time. Good day to be Veng #VengUp PS: We know yall hard headed AF and obsessed with vengeance. So we got 4 different POV's for you. Good try. Even your council can't believe it. Even the bear hates you Will:
  21. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Sunday, August 4th, 2019; Outrage massed up peaking at around 48 dragons for our weekly P2P trip. Set up a lot of fights with Apex and Supremacy, hit up clusters and got ourselves gwased thanks to our special retards Jamz & WeeZy. Thank you to all clans for giving us action, see you next weekend. @MUUJA @pastel @Andrew To start off our day we kicked off with a 1v1 with Apex at CA. We spread north to south from east graves and rushed towards them, we took control of the north side and killed the vast majority of Apex there, we then slowly worked our way towards the south, a minute or so later the fight gets crashed, both clans teleport out. Good fight Apex. Outrage Vs Hydra We got word that Hydra were spread north of Falador, we broke our fally tabs in a pvp world and rushed north killing as many as we could as well as the mains, they eventually teleported out with the little they had left, good fight. Set up a second fight with Apex, this time at bandit camp. Apex defended in a north to south spread by the lava, we spread the same way from singles and rushed towards them, destroying the north side with ease, we started to then shift our focus to the south killing a vast majority, Apex then moved up back north towards the east bandit camp entrace as well as river in a east to west, we had them wrapped around pretty well and gained a number advantage, eventually the fight got crashed, both clans teleported out as per usual, was a fun fight, good fight Apex. Set up another fight with Apex at sperm hill, we spread on the two hills directly north as well as sperm itself where as Apex were spread further east with quite a few on one of the hills we were stood on, we took care of the west side and transitioned east towards the vast majority of them, the fight was eventually crashed again and both clans teleported out, good fight Apex. Set up a fight with Supremacy east of ruins, we defended in a north to south spread waiting for Supremacy to rush, after a brief moment they rushed the fight in the same spread from the east, we held our ground and simply barraged/chinned them in the clumps they gathered controlling the hill to the north whilst our south side were tanking long enough for us to clear their north side, once that was over with, our north side pushed south and wrapped them from the east as well as the north where as our south side was west of them, we eventually gained a huge number advantage and wiped them off of the map. Mains hit the fight at this point, we killed them all. Thanks for the fight Supremacy, good fight. We got word that Fatality were spread south of CA. Without hesitation we logged in west of them catching them in huge clumps killing a vast majority of them, Supremacy eventually crashed from the east, so both us and Fi booked it up north battling it out, Fi was dropped to 9 people at this point where as we had 16, we eventually pulled all the way to CA in hopes of a 1v1 with Supremacy, the fight was crashed by FOE who had 85 which led us both to teleport out. Thank you for the cluster both Sup and Fi, good fight. 
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the merciless Spartans left with 75 later peaking at 78 for a bewildering trip. With CD only managing to pull 35 we made sure they got zero action not even a chink as we manifested all their fights reducing them to less than 10 opts in game multiple times. While we were putting CD to bay we were capitalising on other fights at the same time moving in a fast paced manner hitting other fights aswell at the same time as we got loads of action spreading from Al kharid to Zeah. @`JD @DirtyKoJr
  23. 40-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Today Noxious massed up 27 alpha males later peaking at 30 to dominate the barbarian village and remain the kings of the hut. Today's trip was all action in PvP worlds at barb village. We had many clusters and fights against Apocalypse, Outbreak, and Vendetta today. GF everyone. Lasty, we had a little problem with some retards hiding in different clans with cape switches on tanks to rag fights today. Pm me on disc to setup tomorrow.
  24. Critical Damage massed up 40 Purple Shooters ready to take on the pure world. We started the day fighting apex south of spiders where ly showed their face to only be smoked off the map. We then moved to high altar where we had a clean fight vs apex before it was crashed. Next stop was castle where we rushed apex until a cluster formed between all clans but legashit who were sat in dragon pit waiting for who knows what. When the cluster dispersed we logged into ly and made them tele down. At this point ly still had numbers on us but refused the fight. After 10 legacy members giving us locations for free we decided to hit ly at bandits and absolutely smoked them off the map. We were down numbers but dispatched of them quickly with their shit tanks and god awful calling. Sam and Lord EX(Staff board leaker btw) tried to claim CD was avoiding and bringing mains. We fought them at barb village where they got absolutely demolished before it was crashed by the entire pure world due to the 10 ly members + staff team leaking locations(shout out to lonzoballer #1 fisher). Legashit did their best trying to hide and hopping worlds and locations until they moved to falador pvp world. Yet again down opts we smoked ly and saw them end their trip in W417. Shout-out to all the LY leakers and CD shooters online this glorious Saturday.
  25. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, August 3rd, 2019; Outrage massed up peaking at around 50 homies for our weekly F2P Trip, ready to provide ultimate own to all. Trip was really enjoyable with our 1v1s, 1v2s, clusters and TS3 atmosphere. Thanks for everyone who provided us action tonight, see you all today/tomorrow. Bandit Camp Rushed a fight between Rage and Fatality, proceeded to master the 1v2 until Fatality went into single and the fight was crashed by fo. Spider Hill Set up a fight against Legacy, took opt advantage right off the start and managed to not lose anybody throughout the entire fight, it was eventually crashed, both clans moved into single, good fight Legacy. Outrage Starting: 44 - Outrage Ending: 44 Legacy Starting: 42 - Legacy Ending: 35 Black Knight Fortress Rolled up to black knights Castle and cleared up everything we encountered. Bandits Logged in west of Bandits and found Fi, asked for a fight and they went into multi where we owned them. Fight was eventually crashed by Fo but we'd already finished owning. Outrage Starting: 43 - Outrage Ending: 46 Fatality Starting: 40 - Fatality Ending: 34 Chaos Altar Crashed Cd/Rage fight, turned it into a cluster until it was crashed by Fo  Black Knight Fortress Another day, another castle fight. Chased Rage up and down the ladder, Gf. Final Ownage attempted to hit us in single again however, having clearly learned their place from our last singles fight they ran away after a whopping 10 seconds. Barb Village Crashed fight at Barb village and cleared it up. 4 
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