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Found 1418 results

  1. Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. We aim to focus on high quality pking/high skilled clanwars action, instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic It's a noticeable difference. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pure Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Invitational/Refferal Only Clan Website: https://hydra-rs.com/community/ LEADERSHIP Founder: Trikb0w Leader: PX TYLER (pxtyler#8071) High Council: Xenyle Council: Cmon Taseit/ Zered/ Chance Warlord: Zack Mangler, French MEDIA
  2. Zoom taking applications, send your resume in and we'll see if you're a suitable candidate ! From our 2 day rest counting our GUAP, we quickly massed up 10 hood niggas on this Sunday Evening to destroy FH/FakeFH/HiderFH/Level 3 Sitting FH/1 bang FH FH Peaked at 4, and got stomped on by BIG DADDY DICK ZOOM lmfao so baby food. Refer to Vid for some Laughs PS. F2P HyBUMS, I don't wanna see you infants stepping into Zooms wildy again @SupersSmokePOV
  3. As many clans have proganda vids i can provide full clears,Perfections and week before i forgot to post the video of clearing the whole scene in one invetory. All these shitters keep talking about #1 this and that our video clearly shows that we are the best !!!!
  4. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Today the wolf pack embarked into the wilderness with ~45 opts. Our "rivals" ASStro pulled a pathetic 16 with the impression that they were leak free. ASStro's newly found confidence was short-lived, as we logged in 40+ men to explode them off the map. Realizing fighting in the wilderness would result in relentless bullying by Terror, ASStro called it a day and went to CWA, where they lost to zerg unit 16v22 in a first to 50 (lol). #1 uncontested. unrivaled. ~Watch The First 45 Seconds To Witness First Degree Murder (and lulz)
  5. Victim List (many fo members gave up very quickly, one member "pulsate" peaked for his clan at 16 hours, only to fall asleep after losing his crystal bow), shoutout to "no ask" for losing 3 +1s in an hour. Faking ending pics (their last attempt at trying to end). They even ran away leaving me with HP. As you can see by runelite's own timestamps, I respond within the same minute of their end spam. Very awkward. Multiple other *ending* attempts (they would run south west and return 5-10mins later, lol...) Spamming their FC in a hope to get them to return, which they refuse I'd post more, but I think this level 50 fo member~ or whatever they had come sums it up best as he logs out. Delusional danny material right there. Says "we win" as he gives up. Very easy Was easy btw, fo let me know if you want the clip of you running SW to log out while I'm stood at gdz, which of course happened more than once.
  6. NaN massed up 17 shooters for our P2P Saturday Trip. We knew Anti-NaN would be out in full force, as members of this clan had been hyping up Anti-NaN and forming an alliance between themselves, Zenith, Apex, Legacy, and Foe. Despite being heavily outnumbered, we once again had a FLAWLESS trip, perfecting every clan we came in contact with, pulling more than Apex on our 2nd week open, and closing Anti NaN with ease. We first started at CA waiting for Anti-NaN, but were instead fed suicidal apex members. Apex attempted to gain in numbers after our initial hit, but could only mass a measly 12 sharks, and thus their trip was promptly ended after being perfected. After becoming extremely agitated, a depressed and distraught Foe member decided to gather all blue capes together in order to fight against NaN. NaN demoralized Anti NaN members to the point where they left mid trip. Sadly Anti NaN did not last and their clan was buried even quicker than Exodus. Their leader attempted, but failed to sign the NaN contract. Try again Z+Ly+Foe+Anti NaN.
  7. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan Head Legashit was PKing with 10 people, so we massed up 30 people and ended them within 2 hits. Then we dominated and deleted the rest of the rev caves. Unfortunately LY Ranks didn't care enough for their members to mass up and come pk
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 30th August, 2020; Fatality massed up peaking at around 92 members for our P2P Sunday Trip. After a successful Saturday, we expected to pull significantly higher today and went well above expectations. With no surprise, our so called "rivals" Supremacy went out with about 17 people sniping fights without any capes and Apex who aid them were no where to be seen. We had plenty of action with Legacy, Zenith and FO throughout the entire trip, coming out on top in every single cluster, ending this weekend as #1 in our eyes. Thank you all for the action, see you next week . Fatality Vs Legacy, Zenith & FO To start the day we set up a fight with Legacy at CA. With a strong west side we were quick to be aggressive and exert our pressure onto Legacy. Zenith would log in to try and crash but with how we were spread we were in a perfect position to kill everyone who was at CA. We eventually pulled the fight northeast and caught Zenith in big clumps attempting to give chase. We pulled the fight to sperm where we continued to maintain control, and Legacy re-rushed from the west so we once again pulled northeast dragging Zenith into us once more. We then began to kill the Legacy who were all clumped up on sperm hill hold hands with one another. Now with Zenith re-rushing we pulled onto 26 hills killing them as they came into us. We held the hill and catching Zenith in a fat clump on the hill killed it and then dipped out. Starting: Ending: Fatality Vs Zenith & FO We then went to rush Zenith and FO south of fog, killed as many stragglers as we could as they tele'd out. Fatality Vs Zenith Seeing more action was going on at Bandits we logged in north inside bandits and began killing Zenith. We focused all the white dots inside of us clearing them up, then focusing on the clumps in the mouth of bandits. We continued killing them and FO logged in from the west, so we pulled back north inside bandits and with Zenith choosing to hit FO instead we spammed gf z and dipped out. Fatality Vs Legacy, Blunt Purez & Zenith We defended in boneyard for Legacy and it would be attempted to be crashed by Blunt Purez so we pulled north and made quick work of the weed heads. We pulled northwest to mossies since Zenith came to crash as well. As we were regrouping at mossies to see if more action would take place Zenith chose to rush us so we single to multied them then gave them a tussle in single. Seeing as they didn't want to duke it out more they would end up all teleing out. Fatality Vs Legacy & Zenith For the next fight we defended in boneyard and Legacy rushed from the west. We pushed hard and wrapped with our northern side catching them in clumps, but again Zenith would come to crash so we pulled north got an east to west and wrapped back south to catch Zenith in clumps in the center of boneyard. We pulled the fight far east forcing Zenith to follow us to sperm, they ended up teleing to ca so we dipped out. ~ Tanqe ~ ~ Brian ~ ~ Lee ~
  9. NaN set out this Saturday morning with one thing in mind - brutalizing and victimizing weak blue cape clans. This was accomplished with complete ease, as our warriors had a flawless kdr with 0 deaths to our name and over 40 kills obtained. We chased clans down to level 1, we forced our victims to escape by ports, and we had our victims spamming insults as they bent the knee. All in a day's work for the boys down at NaN. FOE VS. NaN Despite priding themselves on their weekend performance, foe completely avoided us for the majority of today. Our few encounters with FOE led them to insta teleporting out at the sight of our penguin masks never to return on the same world. Zenith / Ly VS. NaN There is no need for NaN to separate these two extremely weak and fragile masser clans. Every encounter with one of these sandcrab recruits resulted in them being vaporized off the surface of Gielinor.
  10. Discord: qu5zc3 | 'Wolves Den' CC Saturday, August 29th Terror massed up ~35 Wolves to partake in a 3 way cluster involving BP & SF The fight began at GDZ w/ SF rushing us off guard. With superior organization & movements we were able to quickly diminish the small advantage SF gained from the initial rush. For the next 45 minutes we threw our weight around GDZ bringing both clans to single digits ingame multiple times. As the battle waged on Rags/mains began to make an appearance which led to us getting one last full clear on BP and heading to the banks with our loots! Thank you for the action to all clans involved and looking forward to having more clusters in the future! Videos ☆Vinny☆ ☆ PKR 4 SH0 ☆ ☆☆☆ Terror Pride Worldwide ☆☆☆
  11. We heard there was going to be a nice Sunday cluster this weekend so we massed 22 Zergs to check it out, later peaking at 30. Ended up having constant action for over an hour before everyone ended, fighting the likes of EF, NP, IGDZ. It seems we pulled a bit more than most the clans that showed up so we dominated every encounter we had, chasing clans around GDZ, Gap, and New Gate etc. All in all it was a fantastic trip. Thanks to all the clans that showed up. @MurquishaPOV @Zu GhettooPOV @King JoffreyPOV @Dean POV
  12. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ As part of keeping the weekend chill we did ourselves some single pking action per usual and as always we came out ahead. The boys collected the usual basic mystic sets from various clans including our victims over at EZ up to a max set or 2. Last night luring Kanini (forgive me if thats not right, going off their # in fallin). up at MB for 3 kills including one for 2-3m. We aren't a single clan but we do pretty well for ourselves! Check out some of the loot including some kills we never used from week or 2 before.
  13. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Like always on our quiet weekends we pk whole weekend, day n night in both time zones and destroy everything what gets on our way. Sadly no other med or zerk clans have not been seen during this free session of coin. Here are some of the most show worthy pics from some multi sessisons over the weekend part 1.
  14. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, August 22nd: Final Ownage Elite massed up over 90 strong elites and dominated the F2P wilderness. Today FOE once again showed the entire pure world why we are and always will be #1. We started the trip in a 1v1 against Legacy, opts were close to matched to begin with. We quickly gained a large lead and dominated the fight. Zenith rushed with ~100+ on the cape counter so we shifted our focus onto them. We went down pretty hard off the start but were determined to return all night and take #1 no matter what. After moving around the wilderness fighting down 40, we knew we were going to win no matter what despite getting teamed on. Considering it was 1v2 we brought the fight down to low level wild and returned hard while Z was losing numbers. Zenith knew we were gaining opts fast so they ran north thinking we wouldn't chase them. They dragged it to close to ferox enclave where we eventually pushed them into single, giving FOE the win. We sat in multi for a while and no clan even dared to rush us so we claimed the victory. Zenith dropped from 105 to 85 during that fight and decided to save themselves further embarrassment and ended. We gained up to 90+ on TS and no clan even dared to fight us. The rest of the trip we chased around casual baby clans until they ended. FOE #1. [email protected] ~king jofrrey ~malo ~ceza
  15. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We heard Final Ownage Elites were entering the Wilderness, So we quickly massed uo 40 Zenith Members to escort them out. We ended up hitting them numerous times and spammed at them to mass up. Unfortunately our rivals couldn't muster up enough and ended. We spend the next hours hopping around and killing everything in our sights.
  16. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Today marked a significant milestone for the blue giant - 100 Days of Terror. The consistency of Terror has been unparalleled, and quite frankly unrivaled. No one has come even close to what we have accomplished in this scene. And for that, I commend all the wolves in the pack. Simply outstanding. Recap of Saturday PK: Today we shifted our focus from bullying Astro to fighting near-matched 45v45+ PKRIs vs Exiled Forces. We had several tussles, most of which were crashed. Overall, we were able to handle the interruptions well, slaying all of our crashers with ease. Outside of our fights with EF, we also hit the likes of Zerg Unit & Astro, sending both clans to singles multiple times. Shout out to EF for providing clean action in the scene. Terror wishes you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. ~Pinoyz Ultra Ownage Pwnage POV ~Vinny Ultimate Ownage POV ~Pkr 4 S H 0 4k ULTRA HD BLUE-RAY QUALITY POV
  17. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan After making FOE regret the 7 hours they sat in their chairs for, on Monday, we were ready to do the same to LY today. Sadly, they didn't even make it to the 1 hour mark before they tapped out. We had intel that LY was prepared to shut down any revs trips we had today (see pic below), so we baited them out with 15 people. After taking the bait, we massed up over 40 men and absolutely slaughtered them for 45~ minutes while they returned strictly on mains lmfao. We have forced any pure clan that rivals us to use mains, because no clan can compete with us pure v pure. Feels good to be Zenith.
  18. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ What do i need to say? money money money
  19. Massed 43 for our Official P2P Sunday. Fought Supremacy Fought Onslaught And fought Hydra Not really sure whats going on at Supremacy Headquarters And some extra looties Clan Chat: SF RS Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? We do not allow sharkbrew recruits, only fresh blood.
  20. Started with 37 later peaked to 50 people for our official P2P Sunday. Fought Blunt Pures Fought Onslaught And some clusters. Sadly the action wasnt too great, clans with similar opts (legacy/supremacy etc) didnt want to fight which resulted in us being the last clan standing for this Official Sunday War Clan Chat: SF RS Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? We do not allow sharkbrew recruits, only fresh blood.
  21. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The Vikings didn't really plan much this Sunday but we got a poke and grabbed 30 Vikings to fight VR for a quick 30-40 min scrap. The Vikings didn't have much problem holding control of the fight up. The last 5minutes went back and forth but over the Vikings Performed top tier. After the timer went off we got our towers and dipped. We finished the day with some multi pking at caves. Making quite a few stank loot kills and the 1000+ lootations from vennyland. Enjoy the media. https://gyazo.com/124d4334ab51f1e8f7e5e5f9b2bed504
  22. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight the Vikings had quite the interesting tale. As we geared up for our planned fight we ended up having a small cluster Vs Deathrow Vs Resurgence. It was quite the battle for about 30minutes with the Vikings holding a fairly mostly purple minimap. After some time Elite Zerks ofc came flying in with their SV compondres. It's clear they are owning the Elite Soverieign name as they don't even wait to call them anymore LOL They were absolutely farmed by yet another completely purple minimap and clumping constantly. TY and try yet again when you feel the urge. Afterwards we had ourselves a nice little mini with Res. 15v15 or so. TY for action for you to boys.
  23. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ This weekend the Vikings decided to take the next step into milking one of our favorite spots. Macing everything we could hit specs on we had +1s flying at us left and right. When we tired of the easy stuff we flew around the wilderness. We also found a trash small man of Team Swedistan that we immediately smoked. From having a small man scrap vs Playdead (gf brothas) to finding absolutely lost kids at Altar and other forgotten areas the Vikings filled up our sacks with the shiniest swords/staffs we could find. Once we rinsed our timezone we decided to pack it up and prepare for the week ahead. Only the best kills will make the cut this weekend, enjoy. #VENGUP
  24. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today's Sunday action consisted of 35 Strong Vikings pulling up to fight Violent Resolution and Playdead. First up we fought VR with a +4/5 op advantage. We fought them for solid 45minutes followed up by PD for another 45minutes of absolutely clean action. The Vikings definitely had their wheeties this morning as we performed brilliantly. Our tanking/transitions/spams were top tier today and seemed to be more then the oppositions could handle for majority of the fight. TY for everyone who participated. Clean and fun action today. Fight vs. PD: Riley's POV as well
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