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Found 841 results

  1. Today we massed up 21 strong shooters ready for some action We asked Envy for a pkri and they did it respect to you Here's the vid @PICwarior381pov @BT Whippov
  2. OFFICIAL SUNDAY | 1-Defence Clan Wars | in This Video BP Destroys DT Has A Great Fight With Hydra, Smashes Supremacy & IR & A 3-way royal rumble at Falador with Dt & Hydra But Fight Fatality. (Grab a Drink, Roll Your Blunt,) Hope You Enjoy.
  3. Got the word the alliance would be out this weekend, massed up 40 people and forced them to end lmfao. @[email protected]@Alan Rickman Nice 10 man pull you fucking losers, marky tucked in before it even started
  4. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ Today was a great day at Energy Headquarters massing up 40 Savages to murder the scene and demoralize Imt, once again. Our first bit of action was hitting a cluster that consisted with 5+ clans with Imt still at massing, we came out on top. After a whole hour of massing Imt headed up to east graves, wear we prompted them to fight on corp. Within 30 seconds of the fight imt members dropped like the rats they are and 10 of them dropped. As soon as the Imt leadership realized they made a mistake trying to fight us matched they ran to singles as we perfected them swiftly with our rune scims. For the rest of the day most clans went to falador park where we took advantage of all the clans having the most action today consisting of clean clusters and fights where we came out on top, being the only clan to not touch singles and nearly perfecting everyone. @snipergank1k @zigy
  5. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teampeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan Highlight Of The Day: IMT Members/Ranks Reduced To Tanks LOL. Hello Beauties! 🤑 For today's Official Sunday Pk Trip, Divine massed up 38 golden bearded shooters while maintaining at 30+ all trip walking our dogs PissMortals to singles. To sum it all up, we had multiple clusters, pkri's, and fun 3 way fights during the day. We set out to bully IMT once again and we did just that was easy lmao. Also, the 5-10 tanks you tried bringing in other clan's capes to cause "chaos" didn't fool anyone. Plug the leaks, rank chat coming soon rofl. @R4ngeTAP Other then that, thanks for the fights and clusters AP, BT, NRG, XL, and others that came through today. GF everyone!
  6. badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Today we massed up 30 strong apes ready to dick AP They thought they were smart with that leak they had on us lmfaooo hitting us in singles Nice try tho pussies but your shit backfired on you lmfao This is how you dick AP in a even opts fight enjoy boys and girls @PICwarior381 @Dzeko Shoutouts: Once again to my beautifull edge recruits for showing up and dicking AP once again wtf so proud of my apes
  7. On our Opener Sunday, AP pulled 32 killers later peaking at 34 to smoke retards bt. After denying x2 pkris request, (screenies uploading soon) we decided to show these pussies bt weirdos who's boss. was a easy clear. Plug the leak homos. The rest of the day consist of Clusters and A 1v1 vs BT but they ran to singles the minute nrg hit to make a cluster. lmfao pussies. OH and them crashing a fight we were low opts in from a cluster. yikes. Peek the vid for the proof. We'll see you next weekend. don't you dare show your face in the wildy, we'll be there waiting bt @pkeru: @teoa: Interesting in joining? Drop a intro at ap-rs.com
  8. On our opening trip, AP pulled 30 Shooters, later peaking at 33. We tried to get the most action we could, creating clusters and smoking clans. I'll keep it simple. peek the vid. ty 4 the action cya tomorrow boys. vid:
  9. Immortal set out with 38 warriors & maintained that the whole duration of the trip (good shit boys). We started out fighting NRG in the wild just to have little azn Tom's (Xao Ming) team called Chiefs end up sniping us from the west, so we dipped north to corp & NRG ended up dipping the opposite way. Both ended at the same opts (31). After that, the whole xLPC scene ended up in Falador (stop doing this); with that said, we engaged in battle with xL whom had around 50 today & made them run like dogs east. Killed about 20 of them. Considering Immortal has completely slumped Divinity(they pulled 22 today,) we were able to get a 1v1 with NRG & ended up fighting them north of Falador and clearing them & their tanks to 1 item LMFAO. Here's a vid: After the NRG fight, Agent 4 of Divine informed us that they were upstairs in Falador Pub, we quickly went up the stairs with our scimitars and dicked them. RIP Divinity, you tried in this scene. We decided to end with 36 WARRIORS once Energy knew they couldn't compete with us & began multi logging on their tanks. Dear Energy: You've already been removed once for using Mains. Quit cancerizing the scene that we started to get AWAY from the mains. Your whole rank staff is ex-FS. You're fooling no one in the pure community saying you don't have mains with you 24/7. It's no secret this xLPC scene can't hang with Immortal. We've reduced you to one iteming and mains now twice. Be better.
  10. Supremacy massed up around 70 tigers, later peaking at 82 Strong Tigers ready to smash our punching bag called Intense Retards. Everytime we rushed those spastics they tele'd away, only to get BP in their capes and still not wanting to fight - refusing anything with a total of a 106 in their capes. We still managed to GWAS them, clear them, outpull them just like every other weekend. Thanks for the action everyone! Cringe IR + BP Relationship Ham Poo
  11. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ This sunday afternoon, NRG pulled a massive 47 bolt action crazy ninjas to smoke anything in our path. Let's keep this short and sweet, Drunk you're fucking shit, David you're a legit pussy, Sixrings you have 0 wins, IMT xl and tanks will legit not save you. Zigy POV:
  12. Brandon

    weekend Legacy Gwasing P2P Sunday

    Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/ Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVC TeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org This Sunday we set out with 57 Spartans Hit what we could and were super aggressive clumping clans and getting involved in clusters. Had fights with ir, Fi, etc. We had good action at fally staying aggressive and catching clumps at the tele spot forcing clans to tele out. Thanks to all clans who gave us action today. Royce POV JD POV Tumor POV Hotgun POV
  13. Video explains everything, no need for lumps of propaganda text for brown kids to feel better about having a shitty life.
  14. Daddy Nate

    weekend Team Zen Sunday Shenanigans

    You already know what it is, Zen and his top tier team set out with 9 shooters later peaking and maintaining a solid 11. One goal was set, and one goal was accomplished. Destroy our bracket at all costs Gf Fake Zoom xL FH #1 Mobile Pker btw 🙈
  15. Supremacy RS cc | www.supremacy-rs.com | supremacy.verygames.net Saturday 16th February 2019 - Official F2P PK Trip Today Supremacy massed up 70 Supreme warriors, later peaking at 78, to chase our pathetic rivals Intense Rats around the F2P wilderness. After learning about their disappointing pull (approximately 50 Intense Retards) we decided we would punish them by hitting their clan at every possible opportunity. We chased their piss clan from Barbarian Village to Edgeville, and from Chaos Altar to East Drags numerous times until they ended their Wilderness action by cowering to Clan Wars. After ending IR we decided to pay the Apex and FOE fight a visit, unfortunately FOE had already fully cleared Apex by the time we arrived so we decided to fight FOE down opts whilst they were low on supplies. We fought FOE on Corp Hill in a glorious fashion for a long ass time whilst Apex took an eternity to regroup their pitiful main clan to hit the fight again. @•Ham @•X poo
  16. Immortals have pledged to put our effort into increasing activity in W308 during the week. 14 biggin's pulled up. Thanks to Fudog & his gang over @ F2P Hybrids for the Monday action today, was super fun. We also killed some xL & 5 of Divine's pull lmfao & other snipe units beforehand. Was overall a good time.

    weekend DETRIMENTAL SUNDAY 10.02.19

    So this Sunday detrimental pulled an impressive 45 goats to there 6th Sunday trip, which shows we are continuing to grow in a scene that is absolutely dire at the moment. So our first fight was meant to be against Hydra but they left us standing for 20 minutes at fog so we had enough and wanted some action and logged into a pvp world and to our surprise fatality rushed us from the west and we stood our ground firmly. Then bp decide to come in from the east and yet we stood there and continued to push them back until ly came from the south. We then eventually teleported out from south off fog and regrouped at edge quick return to the chaos altar meaning we could rush south towards fog and hit legacy and fatality from behind. it seemed that ir and bp were pushing both the clans from the south to move north and we were picking off fi and legacy members one by one until eventually legacy over powered us and pushed us straight into chaos altar where we stood our ground but in the end it was jut a cluster off clans!!! After all the fighting we met bp and hydra at falador and organised a 3 way fight but for it to be a 5 way fight instead legacy and fi crashed which made it more of a good fight. we logged in right in the centre off the action and took control off the fight straight away by moving deep into the centre off falador and controlling the teleport spot. And picking off returning clans members as they returned blunt purez came rushing from the east off the bank with a small group off members but got pushed back and had to find another way off returning. Eventually it just became a main fest as rev warriors turned up in full black d hide which is kind off sad considering its a pure event!!
  18. The Immortal ones went out on Sunday with 38 later peaking & maintaining 42 and showed the scene who runs this shit. Thanks Gaydrew for the fill in gfx ❤️ ^^ One of our 4 volunteers in Divine (We appreciate your services, Agent 3 ❤️) gave us word that they were just west of CA, at this same moment, we knew Energy was preoccupied with a fight at CA, *rubs hands* so we quickly hopped, pulled our scims out, and sent the rats to level 1 where their other friends are, QUICKLY. Your members now see why you HAVE to team with Energy to compete.You cannot compete 1v1 with the best wilderness xLPC. Immortals demoralized you. "You guys suck" "Get Organized" After digging Divine's grave for them, we caught their butt buddies, Energy, south of CA this time, fighting a masser cc LOL.. We killed some Excel kids, then hopped back onto Energy, and made those dumb dogs run north, where they were eventually attempting a regroup at CA. We chased them out of that territory of ours and went toward 18 ports where xL decided to focus the best green clan in the xLPC scene. We went onto Corp Hill where we battled until APOC ended up joining in. We let them handle the remaining xL and took our W's on NRG. After our #1 xLPC Wilderness Clan trip, we were approached by the one of the few respectable clans in the scene, Apocalypse, for a F2P Prep. We ended up taking them out, as well. We appreciate the flame free prep, APOC, and we plan on having many more in the future. Take your time now to sign the spade that continues to dig Divine's grave Do you enjoy dismantling alliances? Do you enjoy running the wilderness with respected leadership? Do you enjoy being #1? Join Immortal. PM an Overlord once you've joined Discord. 40 attack, 70+ str, 70+ range are requirements. https://discord.gg/dKdb4v
  19. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Saturday, February 9th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 120~ elites and continued the era of being completely unmatched in the wilderness. Today we had little to no competition but still managed to get every piece of action available for us. Unfortunately, clans attempted to team on us but failed miserably so the fights didn't last too long. The majority of our hits consisted of us hitting clusters and ending clans 1v2. During this time, Apex couldn't gather the balls to fight us at any point in the trip. They eventually ended after literally doing nothing for 1.5 hours with 80~ people. More proof that FOE is and remains the greatest pure clan. Looks like a new anti-Foe alliance is on the rise, can't wait to body them AGAIN. First clan in, last clan out. See you guys tomorrow for a MASSIVE P2P trip. ~Erik ~Utc ~Jens Saw a couple clans fighting at 13 ports so we rushed it pretty early on in the trip. Sup and IR ran once we rushed so the fight ended quick. Saw 2 downie clans fighting at fally so we rushed it in .5 and ended the fight with ease. Both clans were too scared to fight back. Cluster was going on at sperm so we ended it. The alliance clans tried to set up a team on crash at bandits and it was a complete mess. We killed all of them and made them enter singles multiple times in the fight. We made Apex run back to their cave with 40~ in game before all of the alliance clans gave up and logged out in single to our 90+. Allaince set up a fight at fog and figured we wouldn't come because it was at such a low wild level. They were wrong. Alliance set up a fight at barbarian village and we arrived before everyone to kill them all. They quickly ran away so it left us in a 1v1 vs Apex where they camped single so we fully cleared them in single before heading back to multi untouched.
  20. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ Massed up 30, later peaking at 40 motherfuckers to once again prove why no clan can compete verse us matched. With the most action with non stop fights, being down at the start most fights and clutching up, it was a non stop return fight verse the entire scene coming out on top. @snipergang1k @zigy 
  21. badtimingts.teamspeak3.com Today we pulled 30 strong baguettes lmfaooo later peaking at 38 very very strong baguettes Little shoutout: @Control Pker @Apocalypse Both of you really thought you could kill us? You just lost to my edge recruits bro you so shit First fight: We were massing at edge but these niggas XL kept on following us like little pussies So we decided to go west of 13 ports and rush 13 Wish they did and got fucked in the ass even tho they had opts on us, nrg crashed but we kept on focusing XL till we put them in their place wish is singles. Second fight: I don't know what happened to XL but they decided to grow some balls and go past fog but unfortunately we had to punish them So we dded, logged in to 308 and just starting to rape them one by one they ran south CX was there with some snipe team, we pushed cx and the snipe team to singles and cleared XL Third fight We knew that NRG was south of 13 ports so we decided to rush them We dropped a lot of them so they ran to ca and did a little return fight After a couple of minutes xl came in with 40 sniping us from behind we ran to corp hill and then Apocashit crashed cause that's how they can make a fake win Ty for action nrg was fun Fourth fight We fought Apocashit and XL and I'll be honest, I'm not going to comment on this since it was just a rape scene Apocashit and XL you both are fucking dog shit don't pipe up to me On that note Ty for the action it was a good day but fuck Apocashit and XL retards Shoutouts: Yes I want to shoutout my edge recruits who once again showed up and owned AP and XL @PICwarior381pov @Dzekopov
  22. -On our first Official trip, We quickly pulled 39 shooters later peaking at 42 getting the most action we could- -Being the most active, ruthless upcoming clan in the scene, we expected lots of focus- -Most of the action consist of different clans but in particular getting 2v1s, while bt called nrg any chance they could. it didn't faze us at all- cya next weekend in our upcoming opening trip BT @marcsaw @pkeru IF YOUR INTERESTED IN JOINING FEEL FREE TO PM ME FOR DISCORD AND TEAMSPEAK INFO OUR CURRENT CC IS "AP PUB"
  23. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/ Discord: https://discord.gg/d2cFfqM Teamspeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org This Sunday we set out with 55 Spartans. Hit everything we could and had fights all over RuneScape from Fally to fog to gdz! Caught clumps on clans and got aggressive, causing us to win many fights. Overall another great winning weekend for Legacy. Thanks for the action clans! Thanks to every big dick spartan that showed up, be the fuck online next week! Royce POV Trajan POV Maaku POV Killa POV
  24. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, February 10th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 130~ elites for one of the most lit trips in awhile. Another perfect action packed trip where we displayed to everyone why FOE are #1. We won in every single aspect of the game today and it was clear that FOE is way ahead of every clan. After demoralizing Apex yesterday, we knew today would be a complete breeze. They managed to gather 20+ invites to their trip to peak at 110~ but it wasn't anything close to enough. We slaughtered them in every way possible whether it was in a return fight or just a full clear 1v1. After today, it is very clear to all of Apex that they are in no position whatsoever to compete with FOE, they don't have the numbers, they don't have the brains, and they definitely do not have the mentality. Another trip where FOE reigns on the pure community and completely dismantles our enemies ending as the last pure clan out. There is no propaganda in this topic, make sure to watch the vids to witness how to humiliate a clan and break them into pieces. (raw audio will be posted in the next couple days). ~Erik ~Schweden ~Dean ~Utc (gdz fight vs Apex). The first hit of the day was a fast one at GDZ between a few clans. We noticed a fight on the horizon so we cleared it where none of them could telle from us. (30-minute fight) Apex got the courage to try and crash us while we were clearing the GDZ cluster so we prepared ourselves for their rush and got ready to fight them at gap. We knew the fight would be a complete slaughter at this location so we were prepared to stay for hours killing them over and over. As usual, we gained a huge lead off the rush and Apex eventually tried bringing the fight closer to GDZ. For over 20 minutes, we chased Apex around GDZ untouched, we killed hundreds of them on log in and eventually the broke in the middle of the fight. They ended up giving up and called off returns during the fight so we took a massive win @ GDZ. This is what happens in a return fight where you can't telle out over and over, even 1 iteming and mains didn't save them. Get fucked. Saw a cluster at CA and cleared it up fast. Fights going on between alliance clans at Fog so we went and killed them all. After a demoralizing loss at GDZ, Apex came up with a plan to try and fight us at CA. They attempted to bait us inside the altar at an attempt to gwas us but they got completely outplayed. We were able to counter their plan with ease and we baited them to come outside the altar where they walked into a 40 man clump and we fully cleared them. They attempted to return to corp but we were way ahead of them so they decided to telle out. Don't think they killed a single person.