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Found 1211 results

  1. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Massed up 35 Shooters and Annihilated Rage 3-0. Once again, we saw the usual suspects with Resistance and Rev Warriors teaming to try to clear us. Despite having +5 on us, Rage resorted to gearing all there mains in ballista rag and calling Rev Warriors. Ty for Elder Maul RUN SOUTH LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Another fine Sunday has come upon us, and the Vikings once more ventured out into the Wilderness seeking loot to be claimed. The day started out strong for one of our vikings, nabbing an AGS from a rando patrolling low wildy. Our full outing began over at Venenatis, where many small groups of pkers were preying on the PVM'ers. Vet'ion was also a bountiful source of pking action, where we found a few scraps between a smaller group of main accounts. Most weren't interested in returning for more, so we sought out the deeper wilderness. @1720 had a little family reunion with some Niffler's single pkers, but beyond that there wasn't much there. The rev caves proved to be profitable as usual (and much busier)! A few main clans were spotted returning in various worlds, but nothing too involved came our way. Enjoy the loot! Edit: Added some pk loots from later that night!
  3. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy set off with 82 Spartans peaking at 90 for the butchery of Rage and their friends who were called at all of their fights. With Rage teleing out first every fight most of the action were with Foe & RT who were on call for the bears which we managed to fight off most times fighting 3v1 in most fights and Rage trying to tele in at the end of those but weren't even fast enough while we were fighting 3v1 in 1 inv. Very disappointed you couldn't fight us in a clean 1v1 on your anni resorting to calling your boyfriends and still getting cleared + teleing out first. Happy bday lol gz on ending first. @Latino @Maaku '
  4. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube On this breezy Sunday, Outrage ventured out into the P2P wilderness with a peak of 45 homies, we found ourselves at the center of a few clusters as well as coming out strong in our 1v1's. Great work from all who attended today! Pixel Lee White Page Bday Started out our trip with a nice 1v2 against Apex and BP, taking on both clans at once, eventually other clans crashed and we regrouped at CA where we caught Legacy in a box. Eventually we had to teleport out as Rage rushed the fight. Caught Supremacy and DC in multi east of Bandits and owned both. Caught BP in multi east of bandits and owned them also. Set up a fight against Fatality at FOG, took an early lead and never looked back. Eventually Supremacy rushed and we switched focus to them but ultimately had to teleport out as Rage came through with 80. Outrage Starting/Ending: 43/34 Fatality Starting/Ending: 47/15 Set up another fight against Fatality, this time at Boneyard. With some good freezes, we caught them in a big clump and that was all she wrote. Gf dudes. Outrage Starting/Ending: 42/36 Fatality Starting/Ending: 47/0
  5. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord The Most Alpha Pure clan set out today with ~65 Pures ready to puff puff on some shit clans. The funniest fight of the day was chasing Rage from East Graves all the way west to Black Knight's Castle where ~20 dead bears miraculously escaped. We ended with 60 Pures and dominated every opposition in the wilderness. Was easy as fuck, same time tomorrow lmfao Latino dog shit clans lmfao
  6. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Jizzle and his retarded ranks argue mid fight while hugging single lmfa0 We received word over at Legacy HQ that Rage was planning to PK in our caves... We quickly massed up 55 Shooters ready to slaughter each and every Legacy opposer in our way. Gf shit clans. 1v3 np btw Here's a pic of Resistance with Rev Warriors sniping us the entire fight L O L Fenrieth Maaku
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After a week of just recruiting and training, 33 Legacy Spartans were eager to come back and annihilate Rev Caves during the GMT time zone. We had heard that Rage had done sign ups, and mass messaged all there members on Discord in an attempt to compete with us at Rev Caves. Unfortunately for them, they got absolutely slaughtered 3 times, and resorted to using NH tactics against us. Stay the fuck out of our caves Rage. Legacy Spartan of the day goes to @David for literally shitting on Rage Shout out to @XMD for smiting a Rage Retard for AGS
  8. Say something, say anything. I got shivers this teamspeak was so fucking awkward lmao. For anyone that doesn't know, Rage has conditioned Supremacy into speaking as little as possible during PK trips to avoid an embarrassing audio leak which they've accepted as inevitable. Which leads to this: Hope you have a new strategy by next Saturday.
  9. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After a huge F2P trip and great turn outs all last month in P2P Legacy was more then ready for today and it was nothing short of action packed. We started massing by having a return fight with Rage which we cleared them at Corp in a clean 1v1 we also managed to get many other clears on Rage through our 2 hour+ P2P adventure. We left Edge with 80 later peaking at 85 Spartans ready with Barrage and Chins for a P2P trip that was nothing short of easy we killed just about ever clan and were the last to end. US and Rage's Ending Picture. Maaku "Legend 0F Legacy" Rev Clears on Rage during Mass
  10. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Kicking off October, Outrage set out with a peak of 45 for some glorious F2P owning and, while our pull was surprisingly lower than usual it turned out that almost every clan also pulled low, which meant a lot of variety in our fights but all ultimately ending with Outrage being the last clan standing. Great job to all who showed up today 🙂. @ ^Lee @ ^Jare @ ~Adam @Bday Started off by jumping into a fight between Apex/Unbreakable - both clans ran from us. Set up a fight against Fatality, we were up a few opts from the beginning but they put up a good fight. Ty for the battle. Outrage Starting/Ending: 40/33 Fatality Starting/Ending: 38/0 Set up another fight against Fatality, as both Resistance and Unbreakable were nearby we decided to arrange the mutual truce upon crash, where Outrage chased Unbreakable and later Apex from the fight while Fatality fought Resistance. Arranged a fight against Resistance, rushed them and owned. Good fight fellas. Outrage Starting/Ending: 43/41 Resistance Starting/Ending: 39/0 Jumped into the middle of Fatality/Apex fight, they attempted to team on crash but ultimately decided to leave multi. Legacy logged in next to us while we were standing in multi and ran to single when we hit them. By this point, most clans were ending and we far outnumbed those still out, so we figured we'd AC Fatality/Unbreakable fight just in case any other clans tried to join in but unfortunately none did. Great action for F2P Saturday, let's get ready for tomorrow BOYS!
  11. We heard Rage massed to hit us so we decided to mobilize more than 37 spartan peaking at 40 the number of warriors for a fight that lasted more 15 minutes. On the other hand, CD decided to rush in with their mains but were quickly cleared.
  12. Irrelevant Outcasts (io) Recruiting all non-toxic pures! 2 months old, and already with 150+ members, daily rev/multi trips with 15-30 average daily pull in US timezone. We are here to find action, and have a good time, avoiding all the regular BS the pure scene offers. Weekly PVM events, and soon to be starting weekend p2p trips on sundays! *Currently looking for experienced members interested in rank or warlord positions* Information: Public cc: "io cc" Combats: ALL Combats welcome 1-20 def Timezones: Mainly US Timezone, and smaller groups in EU timezone. Rules: NO Racism, No flaming (unless otherwise provoked). How to join: PM Control#6787 on discord, with your SB username! We have scouts in most discords and do NOT allow multi clanners unless otherwise specified! First video:
  13. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After dominating Rev Caves earlier in the day, it was time for our Americans to take over there shift in dominating our caves. Went out for 4-5 hours straight and dominated every single clan that dared enter our caves. Video Speaks for Itself.
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We heard that Rage and Blunt Pures were out in our caves. One mass highlight later, we pulled 40 hungry Spartans ready to reclaim our caves. After clearing and bullying Rage out of caves, we decided to call it a trip. Thanks for the fights Rage & BP for keeping it clean and respectful!
  15. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community Unbreakable set out today with 35 big fucking with lots of action to be had. Clusters with Apex and Resistance and a long winded return fight with Fatality it's safe to say that the future is looking bright for the big UB clan. Thank to all who came and the clans providing action. This is just the beginning. VIDEOS Braden POV Bryan POV PICTURES
  16. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this fine Saturday afternoon Legacy went out with 58 Spartans and absolutely annihilated anything we saw in our path. We had a few tussles with Resistance, Fatality,Rage and Apex. Also got a bunch of free rune! Thanks to all the clans that gave us action and thanks to every Legacy member that showed up today in F2P Gl everyone on P2P Sunday. Join Legacy to bully your old clan! Maaku
  17. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube After our big minis today we decided to head out for some revs. We faced little resistance for the first bit but the last half we ran into a good amount of teams. GJ gamers. ~random pics of loot tabs
  18. Heard Rage/LY was out, got a quick '18 jokers, gwased them both same invent, fully cleared them got tele; they ended.
  19. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Went out with 10 or so gamers after our victories in clan wars and got a fuckload of loot. Good shit gamers!!!
  20. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Peaked 37. Smoked Shitters. Keep Piping - We will kill your clan Ty for Ags Morons:
  21. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Kids Tried to Pipe up in Pm. Got Killed. Resistance Quality Shown Above, Getting KO'd by a Rev Knight
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Peaked around 40 right before the P2P PK Trip and Smoked and Ended Rage 2x. @CardizemDrip
  23. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy set off with 82 later peaking at 88+ Spartans for a sensational 2 hour+ p2p trip which CDead tried their hardest to discombobulate after their closure (lmao) in another easy rivalry but failed spectacularly as it had no effect at all despite their mains and getting in ly capes which really helped us instead. S/o to Cdead for 6 months of dogshit your newly promoted warlord didnt even last half a day which just about sums everything up about your diabolical clan if I can even call it that. We fought every clan that was out most commonly fighting 3-5+ clans in 1 inventory several times and butchered everyone in our path in doing so. Gf all clans for action. Never poke the bear. @`JD @Fenrieth @Wolf troll ;
  24. So we found out that AF & ROT was fighting so we decided to go up to see what other teams was going to show up and turned out a huge clusterfuck. Ended up Smiting a AGS from JAJA. Was a good 3 Hours for AC, Lots of Loot and alot of fun.
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