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Found 728 results

  1. On this glorious Sunday the BeeHive becomes 2 years old! To think that we opened to be a pk team and 2 years later we're still open. Nigga Zee is happy We pulled a humble 180 PrimeTimeKillaBzzzzzz / 139 on our TS The fight was against the entire community. Ranging about 40 levels of the wilderness from Spider hill, to Boneyard, to Pond, to CA and on. It became an hour or so long cluster, mostly against fo. Good shit for actually fighting us as we dominated most of the fight for the entirety of the trip. We expected the main and cancer but who gives a fuck about that when you pull 100+ and only care about action. We kept fighting until we finally cleared EVERYTHING in CA. But don't take my word for it, let the vidz do the talking haha Thanks to everyone in the pure scene who came out and let us have our 2 year anniversary event. Thanks to all the killer Big Bz for pulling massive today for the 2 years. Big thanks to the MF HQ for putting in work day in and out to make this happen. (Gratz on 2B Drop party btw) Pk team to PrimeTimeKillerBeez - #M on my Chest my guy Facts OI_VC JAYA POV PAPA DOC POV ROB POV WHITE PAGE POV BRYAN POV KMAN POV
  2. Another great night peaked around 25 Green Monsters, Kicked Shitfits out of the rev caves twice over the course of 3 hours and then hopped around making bank loot for hours.
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, December 9th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 115 elites to defend our title as the greatest wilderness clan in the P2P server. Since it was Misfits anniversary, we were prepared for them to have a high pull and we knew we would be fighting down numbers but it didn't even come close to fazing us. Multiple clans such as EOP / BP tried to team on us today with Misfits but we still conquered and took the victory at CA. Despite fighting down over 50 opts, we didn't give up once and returned hard till the very end and were left untouched while every clan teled out from the 1 hour return fight. Another amazing performance from FOE where we show that no clan can compete with us no matter the odds. ~Schweden ~Utc ~Erik ~Ryan Old Pears The initial fight began with us defending north of mossies. We were prepared for them to rush us with 40+ in game but we had the sheer advantage when it came to quality so we gained a small lead off the rush. We caught them in massive clumps and eventually they decided to move east towards spider hill where we followed them. EOP attempted to crash us from the east but within 5 seconds we forced them to log out and run from the fight (They couldnt telle from us). Misfits began their sprint towards gap while we trailed behind killing multiple people. Eventually they moved south of gap and we gained a HUGE lead. We chased them all the way to CA where the fight resumed. After walking Misfits 35 wild levels down, a new fight was on the horizon at CA. As usual, we expected multiple clans to crash us and team on us but we were planning on being there until the end. EOP tried rushing us multiple times throughout this part of the fight but every time they tried, we chased them and fully cleared them forcing them to telle out every time they tried. For around 30 minutes we were fighting around 4 clans at CA 1v4. The fight ended when we moved onto corp hill to take on EOP who was attempting to crash us, after slamming EOP and making them end their trip. We ran 10 steps south to CA with 65+ in game but Misfits was no where to be seen. Unfortunately, they wanted to end the fight so they left early as we took our ending with 90 at CA. Misfits decided with 100 in edge to go to a drop party instead of coming out to fight again only 1 hour into the trip, knowing all other clans ended and nobody else could help out I don't blame them. That's a yikes from me dawg.
  4. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net December 8th, 2018 98 Tigers left mass with one motive... Having heard word from IR leaks that they were paying mains to rag us once again, Our Friends over in The Supreme Massed up men to kill the disgusting mains, Shoutout to the fake RD on achieving the unimpossible.. Losing with 100 Mains. Audio Coming Soon... @Ham @@Noel Ryan Today marked the #5 weekend fake RD have bent over and taken the dick from the Tigers. After hearing about fake RD and EOP's breakup in the midweek, we knew fake RD was in crisis. 95 Pures stood strong on top of corp hill ready for the slaughter to commence. Instantly the cape counter peaked at 120v150 (Those level 3's cant attack us btw). Having far superior quality, calling and organization Supremacy stood strong against the sea of rune and killed those freaks 1 by 1. Fake RD never had the upper hand in the hour of fighting and the fight eventually found its way to P13s. After 30 minutes of calling their members to suicide to the Tigers (ATLEAST IT WASNT 4HOURS AGAIN) Titans and co finally realised that Supremacy are just too strong for their shit quality, and took the L. Titans proceeded to mass teleport from Edge spawn to clan wars where their members begged for a clean 1v1 cwa fight vs Supremacy, for obvious reasons they refused. Unfortunately, Due to Today's Events. Im pleased to announce; IR have closed their doors. RIP IR 2017-2018.
  5. topic created by Connor | read original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at tastevengeance.com/forums/ We started off our night with a quiet trip to rev caves claiming loot and clearing teams where we could, remaining mostly uncontested apart from the odd 50 man open ballista cc who we'd obviously, much rather avoid. Later on due to the number of mains intruding the pure scene as of late we decided to mass up for P2P Sunday to see what kind action we could find - we were not disappointed when we ran into DK trying to snipe pure fights. We skirmished with them the entire night back and forth picking of their members until ROT turned up to clear them. As most of this happened below 20 wilderness we were beyond the reach of ROT's high combat levels so there was nothing left to do other than target pure clans renowned for crashing and bringing mains. We finished the night by heading to altar where we always seem to make a hefty profit, tonight was no exception. Thanks to everyone who attended what was a very fun and profitable night for Vengeance. Looties below;
  6. Singles Trip

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    55-65CB CLAN CHAT RP GANG On this great Sunday, Rampage set out with 30 strong pandas to take on the xlpc scene full force. shoutout to everyone for the fun clean action
  7. DEFIANCE / 40-50 / XLPC Discord: https://discord.gg/dqTZEhm ============================================= After church this sunday evening we got word that xl was out with 20-25 wheelchair users so we decided to head home take our Katana's and our costumes out of the closet and headed out to the wilderness with 13. Later peaking at 16 once again was a very successful and fun day for Defiance. Pked for a total of 6hours and got some really fun action fighting xl down opts and other teams. ty 4 action. Currently looking for active ranks that are willing to put in work to make defiance successful if you think you qualify pm Tanaka#4512 on discord!
  8. 50-65 CB Pure? Join The Best xLPC Clan Today! Teamspeak: Coming Soon | Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious On this fabulous Sunday, Noxious peaked at 29 alpha warriors to dominate the w308 wilderness. We had multiple clusters vs Assent/RP/Blitz most the day and the occasional snipe teams. @Brock Tried so hard to clear us in the wild but failed once again resulting in our 2-0 victory over those retards WOOOO! GF WILDY & Welcome back RP!
  9. DEFIANCE / 40-50 / XLPC Discord: https://discord.gg/c8jqkG ================================= On this fine Saturday evening chilling in our dojo, We got word that a few teams were roaming around the wilderness, so we picked our Katana's up and headed out with 15 Ninjas ready to assassinate the scene Ty 4 fights Lmfao Syndicate and Xl holding hands @TakamuraYui Currently looking for active ranks that are willing to put in work to make defiance successful if you think you qualify pm Tanaka#4512 on discord!
  10. JaJa Impulse

    weekend Sunday: JaJa vs The World

    Got word of SV venturing out on their 1st PK trip above 5 people in 2 months so we logged into their world and they attempted to fight back for around 2 minutes before regretting this decision. After this Anti-JaJa attempted to put all of their braincells together for a combined 10iq to take us on having atleast 5 clans in an open cc (SV/REV/FOE/DK/Open cc) forcing them to suicide for 50 minutes before throwing in the towel. I would say cya soon but from this performance it may be their last. JaJa Starting: 17 JaJa Ending: 40 SV: 0 DK: 0 REV: 0 Pures: 0 Open CC: 0 Kills:
  11. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net After an embarrassing performance by wannabe RD clan IR yesterday and last weekend, we wondered how they would bounce back today (in their preferred server) Supremacy Tigers massed up 65 golden warriors later peaking at 75 to find out. Turns out they didn't bounce back at all. On the 9th of December in the year of 2018 Intense Rejects got cleared 5 times in their preferred server Intense Rejects kicked 2 innocent members in an attempt to find our leaks (we have 7 btw idiots, gl) Intense Rejects lost 7 kids on discord after the first fight with Supremacy Intense Rejects donated 50m to our elite warrers IR's pulls dropped from 85 to 65 in less than a month, forced to clan wars both days and declined 2 preps saturday and sunday after there demoralized members begged for one in cc The end is near you fucking melts, we dont off How the fuck do you even get smited with 99 prayer? To any IR rat reading this, If you want easy money feel free to PM "super pillow#3219" on discord to make 20m a trip. Your clan is dying, why not profit off of it. @•Noel @•Mustafa
  12. The plague massed up 24 shooters, later peaking 30 on discord ready to get 1v2 1v3 like usual, which was easy. The plague wins again VId:
  13. We set out into the Free to Play Wilderness today with a strong 45 green cucks. Knowing that we had similar opts with other clans we wasted no time in setting up fights. We got our first fight of the day with Apex inside of bandit Camp. We rushed from the east and maintained an opt advantage over Apex the entire time. After a good while into the fight Eop thought it would be a good idea to try to crash our clean fight. For the next 30 minutes or so Eop was pushed around bandits by the big green clans, and sent to single multiple times for trying to interrupt our clean 1v1. All clans decided to leave the cluster when Foe showed up towards the very end. We then got another fight with Apex ontop of Corp Hill that was a lot more quickly ended by Eop and Foe both crashing. Finally at the end of the day we got our clean rematch with Apex at bandits yet again. We rushed them with our big rune scims out and never looked back. Although it was a close back and forth throughout the start of the fight once we got a decent opt lead we maintained it and full cleared Apex out of Bandits. Shoutout to Apex for all the clean and consistent action, we hope to keep it up.
  14. Peaked 17 Maintain 15 I missed some good clips because i was doubled logged at the XLPC RvB Event. :(
  15. Yesterday I setup a prepped PK TRIP, We massed up 20 Green Men and went out in our wilderness. We ended up smoking Misfits several times until they ended. Cleared Hydra everytime we found them. Fought IR a couple times. and Skull fucked BP. Thanks to everyone who came.
  16. After clearing Fatality multiple times and ending their trip. We got word that IR was at Revs and we quickly called up 25 big Killer bee's and peaked at 30 and managed to have a Pkri at Rev Caves which inevitably turned into a half hour return fight at Rev caves with IR. Respect for the clean action guys Backwoods POV
  17. We went out on a PK trip with around 15 later we peaked at 23 Green Men. We ran into Misfits midway through our trip and the real fun began. We started planking MF hard and they would continuously mass return to the northeast corridor. The fight kept going all around revs eventually making its way up to dragons. Here is where we took full control of the fight, we started transitioning through MF and sending them all running south. We kept on them going south and eventually pushed MF all the way down to level 30. We killed the remaining MF members and a couple returners before we completely cleared MF. We caught a spam and teleported to edge.
  18. Well some people been sleeping on my wolves and let me tell you, it's bitting them in they ass. Nothing is stronger than the pack. Ambush stays #1 Snipe team.
  19. This Sunday was Hydra's first p2p war. Pulling 40+, they destroyed WaR despite them having more ops and pushed back many larger clans. This is why I stay hydrated.
  20. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, December 2nd; Final Ownage Elite massed up 105 elites to see what we were up against today in P2P after a smoke session in F2P. Yesterday, we completely obliterated EOP at gdz in a 100v100+ fight and against 90 MAINS and we were ready for a similar battle today, but unfortunately EOP only managed to peak at 60 and avoided us the entire trip. So, we chased them around the wilderness in hopes they would eventually fight us. After denying them action, they were forced to end and go fight in clan wars. Another weekend of sending EOP to clan wars, another weekend of EOP dying. LOL BTW, isn't this ironic? After EOP ended, we went to Clan Wars ourselves and did a 40v40 inners battle for some fun. FOE WINS AGAIN. ~Erik ~Utc
  21. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net December 1st, 2018 A new month, but same old shit. Today marks the 4th Saturday in a row where Supremacy dominates our pathetic rivals known as Intense Retardation. However, this time we did it for 4 hours straight in the biggest 1 sided return. Supremacymassed up 74 Tigers, eventually Peaking at over 84 members throughout the entire 4 hour trip. Btw, IR have no video or pictures, or a topic for today. LMFAO get fucked idiots. Todays Trip consisted the following: IR getting fucked in a clean 1v1 for the 4th weekend in a row IR’s pull dropping from 75 to 15 Supremacy Breaking IR for 4 hours Straight in the most 1 sided return fight. Total number of people who left IR’s trip during their return fight: 43 They paid 35m for 35 mains and still lost lmfao.. ~ Ham ~ Full Effect Ir Fully Cleared 1x, losing with 107 on the cape counter That disgusting performance by IR rats was almost as bad as getting perfected in a 100v100 on their anniversary lmfao For our first fight vs these rats, we logged in east of them on 18 port hill and rushed them with no mercy. Considering these skids massed for a total of 55 minutes, we knew their members were anxious and starving to die to us. We knew these rats were using God elevated CC and got access into their main clan’s chat and found them right north of us. Hilariously, at the same time we rushed them, these rats had their dog shit main clan rush us, boosting their cape counter to 107. Supremacy begin the better and more organized clan, didn’t give a single shit about these rat shit mains and continued to pound these fucking dumb dogs for the entirety of the fight. We took the south west side of 18 ports while we left those irrelevant useless mains back north, and chased IR’s mains all over the mini-map. We scim pushed them from 18 ports to CA tree’s, back east towards ghost hut, back north to the 18 ports pond, and then finally back on to 18 ports. From there, they had nothing left besides 30 broken members being raged at to run around like a bunch of retards. We took their last 30 by the neck and forced them into CA where we officially cleared their entire clan. Stupid dogs called off returns within a couple of minutes lmfao was too easy for the tiger gang. For the next 31 minutes, we sent IR back to edgeville/clan wars to blame flame and shame each other for losing to us the last fight. We walked around, hopping worlds, waiting for these dogs to finally re-enter our wilderness. Our magnificent presence alone kept them banned from showing their faces anywhere close to the wilderness/f2p so we decided to hit up Apex and remind them of the dumb donkeys they are. We hit them trying to crash fi/envy and sent them back to irrelevancy, and then rushed the fight north of us which was Envy vs Fi. We caught Fi in multi while Envy went to singles, basically ending the fight. We then decided to hop and walk towards Foe vs Eop, hopefully giving IR the balls to re-enter the wilderness. Unfortunately for them, they tele’d up to Gdz with 50 clueless retards and we straight up hunted them from one world to the other. We rushed them east of the ruins and sent them flying across the screen, forced them to log out and flame each other out loud. Supremacy consecutively wins the next 3 hours of this Return Fight Ir dropped to 10 In-game Knowing we gave IR the beat down at least twice every weekend trip, we had to make sure this one was memorable for not only Supremacy Tigers, but as well as every single rat that wasted their time at IR’s trip today lmfao. We already cleared them at ca once, so we decided to entertain their 35+ mains and their 75 pures at 13 ports. We rushed them with our 93 combined to their 110, instantly got them down to 80 in game, and worked them around like a bunch of fucking puppets until they had 65 in game to our 80. From there, it was all over for IR. This marked the beginning of the end for that dog shit clan and the start of the 3 hour long, 1 sided return fight. From 13 ports, IR went towards Ca for returners. From Ca, they went south to old fog. From old fog, they went to lvl 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and finally out of the wilderness. We successfully fully cleared IR TWICE at the entry levels to the wildy and found their 40 man regroups at Ca, which we re-rushed every single time. We literally cleared them twice in the middle of this 3 hour long return fight. They were forced and tied up like a stray dog at lvl 3/4 and wouldn’t dare ever going north. Every time we pulled north to lure these stupid muts, they fell for it and died heavily. Around the 45 minute Mark we pulled all the way north to west Ca, where they decided to run back towards Edge. Re-rushing them for the 10th or whatever time in a row, we pounded them so hard the fight moved all the way to Hollow Tree, where we continued to camp IR at ANY LEVEL of the wilderness until they broke. It wasn’t long until their members started leaving, as they lost over 40 members from their trip in this entire fight. They went from 110+ down to 25 in a quick hour. We forced them down to 10 capes at one point while we never fell below 70 tigers. Long story short, we took our fall in of 80 pures back up towards Corp, and each and every time their ranks cringe raged on discord to rush us, we 180’d them back to irrelevancy. We walked to corp hill with 80 tigers while IR sat at lvl 1 ditch with 14 LMFAO. We stood at corp hill/ca area for a good 2 minutes giving these rats 1 last chance to rush us, but unfortunately they were broken beyond the point of returning. Not only did their experienced members leave, but half of their ranks were broken out of the game as well. At this point, each and every one of us finally realized flat out IR was a joke of a clan and is nothing compared to Supremacy. I’ll let pictures speak for themselves, as well as our 30+ minute POV’s. Stay broken, Retards Hour #1 of the Return Fight: [/size] Hour #2 of the Return Fight: Hour #3 of the Return Fight: The Ultimate Breaking of IR Ending:
  22. 50-65 CB Pure? Join The Best xLPC Clan Today! Teamspeak: Coming Soon | Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious On this glorious fucking Sunday, Noxious peaked at 28 big dick warriors to demoralize these retards at Overdose. @Its Alan @Eztocrypt Call Envy and Ascent all you want but just know I'm closing your dumbass clan. Remember the name. Ascent pulled 8 and went sniping with cape switches... 12.3.18??? WTF you gonna do on a Monday trip if you pulled 8 on official Sunday LMFAO. KEEP TEAMING UP PUSSIES ALL THAT SHOWS IS YOUR WEAK ASS LEADERSHIP LOL. ENJOY THIS AUDIO BROUGHT TO YOU BY OD COUNCIL @Eztocrypt BEGGING ENVY RANKS ON HIS KNEES TO SNIPE US 1V2 TODAY LMAO.
  23. After a super fun Saturday Trip, The Green Men over at Fatality HQ massed up 55 Green Bearded Beasts to venture out into the wilderness. We decided to bully our friends at Misfits, No one knows how you had +10 and still got completely destroyed but it made for a amazing trip. Thanks ZEE. Im glad you got out of jail faggot. We started off our trip with getting a 1v1 against War. We defended boneyard and waited for war to rush. Right off the start War got in several big clumps giving us the clear advantage. We started clearing them up when Misfits logged in to crash. We quickly relocated north and started to completely body misfits. We focused on MF and eventually cleared the majority of them. We heard Apex was coming to crash and having already cleared 2 clans we decided to bank. (MF you fucking suck) We heard War was about to teleport to corp. We waited for them to come up and completely caught them in a fat gwas as they ran to singles. We killed atleast 10+. They teleported down and quickly tried to hop worlds and go to CA now. We waited and rushed them from the west once again and smoked them and killed them all. We heard two clans were fighting, We rushed from the north and as we logged in we found Misfits. We quickly jumped on top of them and started steamrolling through them. We continued destroying MF and pushed them far west where they tried to get a return squad. We kept up the pressure until another clan was about to crash and we teleported out with the clear number advantage ingame. We heard War was fighting, We quickly logged in from the south and smoked the fuck out of them, While we were running after War north, Misfits logged in and we completely smoked them, We lured them north where they would get in a 4x4 massive clump and all of MF got blown up. We stayed north and cleared them up. We teleported to edge once we killed them all. We quickly banked and found MF back in level 6 near hollow tree where we would smoke them once again. We cleared them all and sent them into a returning frenzy. Backwoods didnt know what to do on teamspeak. MF got a mass return to lumberyard and once again we hit them from the north and fucked them up. We caught them in another fat clump and got blown up. g g
  24. Topic by @B-ryan On this glorious Sunday the BeeHive pulled a humble 70 PrimeTimeKillaBzzzzzz for a smoke sesh in the name of the lord. The first hit of the day was a crash against BP and WAR at boneyard. We cleared WAR fairly quickly and then thrashed BP with specs. FI crashed from north boneyard so we turned around and smoked them as well. We finally tele'd after BP and Apex crashed somewhat at the same time. Found Fo at bandits so we barraged them to shits from singles for free loots. We dipped after most of them tele'd to go fuck up our next hit. The next fight was against Apex west of Fog. Both sides did well but Fo crashed us shortly after so we tele'd to rehit. We then found A purple hat clan and smoked them instead. Fo rushed Corp hill, where we caught them once again in multiple 10 man clumps for E Z Lootz Rushed War at fog and smoked them. Fi tried to rush from behind so we turned around a CLEARED them. Another clan tried rushing as well so we smoked them as well eventually being back at edge bridge again. We found a fight happening at FOG and rushed it. We hit WAR initially and smoked them out. FI rushed from CA once again... Smoke. Another clan hit, idk who they were but, smoke. Last clan standing at fog. The last hit of the day was northeast of falador. Hydra and WAR we're fighting so we crashed and cleaned it up lol. Gf. ASAP POV WHITE PAGE POV BRYAN POV Backwoods POV