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Kenan N Kel

why rockman is the greatest snipe unit to ever live and why we owe them a huge thank you

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now that its been a few months since rockman was first formed i think its safe to say they are a unstoppable force when it comes to the art of sniping  (i mean they bring maple longbows can't get anymore snipe then that)





rockman has saved the community from multiple threats such as


*closing ddosers vanquish*


*closing main bringers sk*


*slumping ddosers/mainbringers iv*


*slumping hacker main bringers Zenith*








if rockman wasn't around just imagine all the damage these clans could've/would've/










honestly i think the pure community owes rockman a huge thank you for their services tbh they do a wonderful job 









so i just want to thank you rockman and their glorious leader sweden plumber













































































*aao ded 2017*

*justice to my router*

i hacked tribby

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i killed every clan u were ever in

pretty sure havoc kyp'd zenith multiple times

getting to the point where i cant tell if this is still a joke or you're actually delusional

I don't expect a rage member to comprehend anything

if only they actually did anything to anybody :lol:

rockman closed sk and forced them to merge with iv kyp

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