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weekend [V]endetta First Official F2P Saturday ft S,FI,SUP,IR,EV

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On this glorious Saturday afternoon, Vendetta massed up 40 beasts, peaking at 42 on teamspeak for an epic F2P Saturday, this being our first official weekend. With lots of clans around the same opts we got a glorious amount of action, and want to thank all clans for the action today, Despite being down opts majority of our fights, we had a blast, see you guys tomorrow.

First fight:

We started off our first fight at bandits vs Fatality, having matched opts just with a under cb averaged we were coming in with full intensity excited to start off the weekend, stayed aggressive most of the fight catching stragglers out of the clump up until FOE came crashing down.

Thanks Fatality

Next Fight:


We had got word that Siege and Fatality were fighting each other in a P2P world, we came crashing down, joining the odd cluster with F2P and P2P both styles being involved, had some good action, left after both clans were just about finished fighting & headed to singles for a bank.

Next Fight:


We were waiting around waiting to set up a fight, after awhile we just decided to clash IR, & SUP fight immediately catching Envy off guard destroying what they had on corp hill.

Next Fight:


We were waiting to set up a fight, got anxious and decided to hit another SUP & IR fight, left after FOE came crashing.

Last Fight:


We were coming down to end, ready to finalize our trip fighting down 10 opts to Siege, 32 to 42 they defended north of P13's and we rushed, we stayed aggressive as much as possible with Fatality crashing down, we pulled off waiting for few returners then got right back into the 3 way cluster.

Thanks for the action Siege, & Fatality


@Jay pov

@Kold pov


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