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weekend EnVy's P2P Sunday FT BP,VD,MF.

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On this spectacular Sunday EnVy decided to venture the wilderness again, in an attempt to exterminate every clan in sight. Picture the scene .. EnVy pulled 28 Later peaking at 35 green gang member's to cleanse the hood of the rich and give to the poor. Our opposition decided to make threats towards us, therefore we made sure that we brought our Glocks and Machine guns; we were looking forward to some good pure on pure action, and that's exactly what we got. EnVy will only continue to get stronger, and if you can't beat them, join them. 

A wise dictionary once said that envy's meaning was: "the desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else). Now it makes sense why a lot of you guys are hating lmao.. stay mad was ez.

Our First Fight:

To jump-start our P2P trip we decided to reach out to a clan that has been in the shadows. We set-up a fight with BP at 25 Hills, where both clan's fought a good battle. We started with the upper-hand and both clan's slowly but surely began to drop opts. As we were maintaining our opts, BP got the upper-hand, and a miscommunication error caused some of our member's to teleport out before the fight had finished, leaving us to drop outs as we held our ground down opts. Despite the outcome of the fight it was fun, and we look forward to having more with you in the future.

Our Next Fight:

Since Vendetta took the day off to get cleared at revs on a F2P Saturday, we decided to give them a call to make sure that they were gearing for the right event today. After confirming that they indeed knew it was P2P Sunday, we took the opportunity to ask them for a fight, which was accepted. Our fight was located south of fog, and with both clan's having similar opts, the win was up for grabs. Our southside was able to overpower Vendetta's southside giving us a clear advantage with the opportunity to wrap around and get to the centre of the fight. With the overwhelming amount of fallen Vendetta member's south, we were able to push them north-west before clearing them and teleing out. 

Our Last Fight:

After fully clearing Vendetta in our last fight, we had noticed that it wasn't just Vendetta who we were fighting, and noticed we were also fighting purge in Vendetta capes! With this being discovered, we made sure that both clan's wouldn't be able to team without repercussions. We again set-up a fight south of fog. Again both EnVy's north and south side's were strong, leading to us pushing Vendetta north and clearing them once again before Misfit's Crashed.

Thank you both VD and BP for the action, hopefully next week it can be just as good. Grats all clans on their action.



Enza's POV:






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4 minutes ago, Proccy said:

your vidder is disgustingly bad at p2p LOOOOL

Yeah, and you used to vid for aao right? .. oh okay then lmao

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