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Papa Bear

Daddy Abdullah presents; The Sad Life of Rancher Nox ft. EOP

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First off @Noxwhy the fuck when you talk it sounds like you got your nose plugged nigga? You got bigger nostrils than COACH, cmon bruh...

*Audio Coming Soon*

How the fuck can you be so ass of a clan that just 1 CD members makes about as much as @Ace Kravein 1 pk setting? 1 member dude...


65 on a 5 days notice of a closed clan btw.



Claim a fake winning?


Lie to your members more than IR


And get bullied from starting 92 mains..


to 17?


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1 minute ago, Sauce said:

Was easy btw

I know dude it's like I can't say it was hard? Logged on for 2 hours got my dick wet from Noxs' ass and logged off after they had less than 10 ingame?

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