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midweek Critical Damage Tuesday - Legacy Outpulled, Outplayed, and Outsmarted

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Critical Damage



After their humiliating defeat, Earlier today gwasing them in p2p. We knew Legacy would be sour. Just how sour, we'd come to find out today. The so-called "Unbreakable Clan" was forced to break every single rule and tradition that has guided them in the past few months. So Sad! That's probably the true victory for CD today. Not only did we defeat Legacy in P2P and F2P, we made them sell themselves and their values out which is the ultimate defeat. Maybe their annual closing comes early.


 After gwassing them in P2P we setup a master plan to bait them into the server we historically dominate in. We approached Supremacy for a f2p PKRI we defended boneyard and the fight began.

Critical Damage Starting: 25

Supremacy Starting: 23






From the jump, we dominated the fight until Legacy + Fearless logged in. 


Legacy Starting: 25

Fearless starting: 19


We fought them deep in their timezone and with a heavy numerical advantage over us, but this did not deter us. We ran into them head on and the fight began. It was clean for all of about 2 minutes at which point Legacy logged their mains in. Now, this is where things got interesting. They wanted the help and they needed the help.







Critical damage Ending: 32

Legacy ending: 0 


Shoutout to:

  • Legacy for getting bullied, baited to f2p and raped.
  • Legacy for getting into a 15 man b pile and getting deleted

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I was wondering why Legacy still had mains running around aimlessly, it's too bad we didn't get out there early enough. Gz on the midweek f2p tripper

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5 hours ago, TBR said:

Rat clan falling apart. It’s gonna be horrible when all of our 70s max out.

LMAOOOO so that's the plan :D

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12 hours ago, ☪☪☪ said:

u guys only have one vid lmaooooo?

Why the fuck you need more then one vid of smoking your shit clan 

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22 hours ago, Dillon Howlett said:

this guy makes memes during the midweek and gets smoked during the weekends LOL

mid april -


end of april -


now -



update two hours later



7 hours later


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