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Outrage Vs Rage ~ F2P First to 50 ~ 30v30 Cap ~ [2-0]

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Thursday, August 29th, 2019; Outrage massed up peaking at around 36 members for our scheduled F2P fight versus Rage. This was a first to 50, best out of three, capped at 30 people. We came out on top in the first round, winning by 16 kills in the first round. We carried on that same performance into the next round and won by 14 kills, thus securing a 2-0 victory. Thanks for the fight Rage, hope we can have more of these fights in the future, better luck next time.





Round 1;

Outrage Kills: 50 - Rage Kills: 34


Round 2;

Outrage Kills: 50 - Rage Kills: 36














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