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Guidance - LPC Community for Muslims - Most Peaceful, Most Hated.

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Most Peaceful. Most Hated.

We are forming an LPC Community for Muslims only.

You can be in any clan and still be apart of our community as long as you are Muslim.

We will have a number of fun events on runescape including pking and all the rest of it!

Do you want to be apart of this amazing community? If you meet the requirement then send a friend request to:



on Discord.

Remember! You can be in any clan so don't hesitate to send us a friend request to go through the quick verification process.

Don't be shy to be apart of a community with members from different clans. All clans are welcome!

(if you are not a Muslim. You still have a chance to be apart of the community if you can help forward all Muslims to this sharkbrew topic (you will receive Team Ally)

(We only accept peaceful people. No toxic people allowed) (In Shaa Allah, we are confident this will be an amazing community in the near future so don't miss out) Ranks are also still being decided for the team so like I said don;t miss out!!)




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