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Promotion/main community ranks/doxing in bonfire


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Unfortunately I haven't been ontop of making these promotion topics due to IRL obligation, and during such times we have been gone though multiple ranks so here goes:

Congratulations to:

@Devin- Gatekeeper -> Mediator. Having proven himself as an active and dedicated gatekeeper, he has now taken the lead role in moderating discord and, most recently, is playing an effective role in being a neutral adjudicator in mediating difficult situation

@Rag Sets@Obli@UncleRash- Our 3 former babysitters have managed to conduct 2 highly successful tournaments therefore they have met the requirements for gatekeeper. I wish them luck and hope they can progress further up the rank ladder


Doxing in Bonfire

Unfortunately the amount of doxing has increased in bonfire, which has also dramatically increased the workload on my ranks. Unlike doxes found in campfire where it is very obvious, i.e. an IRL picture/address/full name, the types of doxes that are posted in bonfire are way more tenacious where the IRL information is more subtle- thus my ranks have to go through this charade of fact checking the info before banning.

Furthermore we are confronted with this pervasive issue where it seems that doxes are thrown around more deliberately, and upon banning said member, we often have to entertain their concerns and explain why they broke the rules.

To sum it up, for each offense that my ranks take action on, we are exhausting almost 30 mins to an hr per offense, and we can expect to even handle upwards of 5 offenses a day. This has taken my ranks away from their other duties to attend to a scene that frankly doesn't benefit the rest of the community as a whole.

The final kicker is that banning these activities on bonfire doesn't mitigate or stop doxing as these main community members will just simply pop over to twitter to continue to dox the shit out of each other.


Main Community Rank

To solve the above problem, I believe we should have further representation from all the main clans that are active in SB that can advise their fellow members on their SB conduct. Currently we have 3 main community ranks:

@Eevee - Tempest


@Sybren- Veng

@Rag Sets- ez/sv

We would like to invite rest of the main community, e.g. Rev/AF/BC/VR/EZ to step forward and apply for a rank https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/220-apply-to-be-a-sharkbrew-rank/

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2 hours ago, Victory said:

considering ur boy mike has been doing enough doxing/spamming irl names/giving irl info/flaming dead family members i don't know why u think this gives u any more credibility so whatever 

this is so cap😂 rage/rev kids hate mike bc he’s in sv. should honestly just ban the rage and rev kids so biased 😂

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48 minutes ago, Wyd g said:

this is so cap😂 rage/rev kids hate mike bc he’s in sv. should honestly just ban the rage and rev kids so biased 😂

this is so cap 🤣that mike is a rat and your a dumbass if you don't believe that your an idiot talk to to the guy for few mins you will see

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