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    NBK Thursday madness [Undefeated] ft. OB

    Much appreacited this is not the last you will see of nbk
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    NBK Thursday madness [Undefeated] ft. OB

    Nice gfx :). I hope to see more from NBK
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    NBK Thursday madness [Undefeated] ft. OB

    Good work @Lionel
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    #GMT wins again.. sadboyz (lowercase for disrespect) loose again. @Whoppa @Ambition @HulaHoopN
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    Lionel beter snap je me jullie ts broer
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    Lmfao big dick @Sniper with the ags pk GJ eop
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    NBK Thursday madness [Undefeated] ft. OB

    oh, wasnt there looked like smoke gj.
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    your cycles are beautiful
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    @Jordai My Commando
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    King Dete

    A Faster Sharkbrew

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    ub is and always has been irrelevant lol they pulled 55 on their anni and got bullied by eop while teaming with fom
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    BT, what happened to the sh1t talks?
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    And what do you mean by this? C ya tommorow? LOOL, what a joke lmfaooo