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  1. announcement Sharkbrew Clan Awards 2017

    Most Successful LPC: (eop,aao) Most Successful xLPC: (fs,ob) LPC with Highest Potential for 2018: (eop,px) XLPC with Highest Potential for 2018: (fs,cd) Most Intense Clan Rivalry of 2017: (eop vs fo) Best Clan Wars Clan Of 2017: (eop,apex) Best Wilderness Clan Of 2017: (eop,px) Most Honorable Clan:(eop,px) Most Underrated Clan:(px,apex) Strongest Core:(eop,px) Strongest Rank Structure:(eop,px) Clan With Closest Community: (eop,px) Most Missed Clan:(mm,tlp) Individual Awards Best Banter: plawpy Most Motivational Clan Rank: dull Most Mature: lenin Funniest baiter: plawpy Best P2P Caller: iobs Best F2P Caller: holydreams Staff Awards Best Staff Member: kim Most Inspirational Staff Member: lenin Most foreign: holydreams Most Dateable: slush
  2. 10/12/2017

    Most accurate list, although I think the vids will speak for themselves.
  3. l000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  4. EOP & FOE

  5. Idk what this is but Banana Boys will win with ease
  6. This justin beiber 40 combat xLPC scene needs to die asap
  7. Some Gfx i did over last few days

    Looks good. Only suggestion might be to make the text fit in better. Not really sure how, though This one is dope:
  8. Looks like a Nechryael
  9. 100v100

    @Akah sounds like you've gotta decide what scene you want it in, xLPC (~55-70) or LPC (~80-90). The 75 cap seems like it was just an arbitrary baseline number to suggest, but you need to pick one scene or the other, otherwise you'll have level 50's fighting with level 90's.
  10. announcement A Faster Sharkbrew

    Idk, worked quickly this time
  11. IPB4 has always looked brown sticky stuffe, but I don't really care much what my Runescape clanning community site looks like