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  1. Was fun! Thanks for the good clean action RP!
  2. Great action! Thanks RP!
  3. 2-1 Vs RP, 3-0 Vs BT. Another day in the life of Ascent! Ty for actions boys!  #1 XLPC Clan

    1. PICwarior381


      ty for the mini <3

  4. "Ascent xlpc can fill you in on that one" l0000000000l who are you even???
  5. Is there any other choice than Ascent??
  6. Neil

    clan wars Ascent vs Bad Timing 2-1 FT25

    Ty for good clean action BT! @WE APES BOI
  7. Talks shit, doesn’t show getting cleared, claims the win, try’s to crash after the pkri is done, still claims win, brags about audio leak, won’t post, still irrelevant, 0-6 against ascent in clan wars, 0-1 against ascent in wildy. Just another day as envy. hey @Don Elmir what happened to “No action for you”?? Loooooool. You mad bro?
  8. Too bad you didn’t get the part where ascent came in a wiped you guys clean :/
  9. Another Ascent win! Pretty good for a clan wars clan!! Ty for action BT. @Don Elmir you’re on my leash don’t forget 

  10. Current Clients:50 / 200 

    Wuu2 @Don Elmir

  11. Neil


  12. God damn, after the 2-0 we gave envy, I’m at work making money. While you envy losers sit at home, posting sharkbrew topics asking people to join your low quality clan. You’re patiently waiting for someone to make a new topic so you can put your two cents in, because that’s all the money you have. 
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    2. Neil


      @Don Elmir you do realise if it wasn’t for us, you’d have no action right? looooooooool

    3. Brutal


      1 hour ago, account_impersonator said:

      @Big Meat @Don Elmir this random trying to be like us lmfao!!

      I wanna be like you

    4. Repa


      @Don Elmirtell hassan more fs inbound

  13. <18:37:06> "[Elmir] Elmir" pokes you: 60 cap <18:37:17> You poked "[Elmir] Elmir" with message: ok <18:39:33> "[Elmir] Elmir" pokes you: 1 exception btw <18:39:37> "[Elmir] Elmir" pokes you: i got a 61 ll You poked "[Elmir] Elmir" with message: 60 cap 1 exception is what we agreen on btw <18:56:09> "[Elmir] Elmir" pokes you: rofl When you bring 3 over 60cb, youre damn right im bringing more than you. I told you if you want to be cancer, ill be cancer. WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY IN THAT MESSAGE!?!?
  14. Neil

    Golden Vs Ascent 2-1

    Gf Golden. Wish i was there to help my clan. Maybe Ill be on for the next one!
  15. Yo @Don Elmir isn't the beginning one of your ranks? Or is he still snaking?
  16. Neil

    clan wars Ascent vs Bad Timing 6-0

    Ty for mini BT! Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I was off for the early part of the night. @bt black son
  17. Neil

    RAMPAGE vs Ascent F2P mini (2-1)

    thank you guys also. Looking forward to many more! Poke my on SB TS if you want to set one up!