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  1. Was fun! Thanks for the good clean action RP!
  2. 2-1 Vs RP, 3-0 Vs BT. Another day in the life of Ascent! Ty for actions boys!  #1 XLPC Clan

    1. PICwarior381


      ty for the mini <3

  3. "Ascent xlpc can fill you in on that one" l0000000000l who are you even???
  4. Ty for good clean action BT! @WE APES BOI
  5. Talks shit, doesn’t show getting cleared, claims the win, try’s to crash after the pkri is done, still claims win, brags about audio leak, won’t post, still irrelevant, 0-6 against ascent in clan wars, 0-1 against ascent in wildy. Just another day as envy. hey @Don Elmir what happened to “No action for you”?? Loooooool. You mad bro?
  6. Too bad you didn’t get the part where ascent came in a wiped you guys clean :/
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