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  1. 8 straight weeks of FOM asking main clans for help. 

    When will it stop? place your bets !

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      castle wars master thanks 4 sharing with us 

    3. Kenan the Kel

      Kenan the Kel

      The amount of attention seeking u do is actually embarrassing 

    4. 'Jamie
  2. Bbm

    real reason y eop died

    I dont get it. Are you trying to make some sort of propaganda for the fact that I called you out on being a random? Or mad at the fact which I came at you lol
  3. Are you a new recruit to fo? Welcome to the forums
  4. Bbm

    Is sharkbrew dying?

    Most kind of forums have fluctuating traffic..regardless of what anyone does.
  5. All on notice now. Big yikes.

    Stocks have tripled! PM me for a way out. 

  6. Bbm

    Apex Hosting

    not like this nox
  7. No1 cares, no1 asked, and you're still a random. bye
  8. @Brap Still delusional from watching fish swim all night in tanks.. It must be tough to live with such problems from where he lives..Oh well, harsh is harsh and I wish the very best from the recovering Brap, I heard some kangaroo's started beating your ass for being friends with the other guy they beat up.. Hope all is well and EOP is rooting for your speedy recover
  9. Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org 11/10/2018: Today the Eruption of Pures massed up a massive 113 pures to take on Final Ownage in a f2p wilderness fullout. To no surprise, Supremacy would end their trip early and join Final Ownage in the Team-30 cape. Despite both clans getting in the same cape, the entirety of the fight was in our favor. After 2 short hours both clans would bend the knee, running south and officially calling off returns. Today was a clear example of how dominant EOP is and always will be, the #1 pure clan is here to stay. (17:07:15) (FOEDANNY) i think some people (myself included) said some things we shouldnt have (17:07:39) (FOEDANNY) and our actions will have consequences (17:09:17) (FOEDANNY) i understand tho :| (17:09:24) (FOEDANNY) not personal, just business (19:51:43) (FOEDANNY) look lets be real this is pretty much all my fault (19:51:48) (FOEDANNY) is there anything i can do to make this right (19:51:54) (FOEDANNY) or is it too late Parm Maaku Unreal 113 vs 200+ Pures - Eruption of Pures Dismantles the Anti-EOP Alliance (MAIN AND PURE) The fight started as a 1v1, we rushed south towards Corp Hill to meet Fo. It didn't take long for us to take the opt advantage and complete control of the fight. The fight continued to move between Corp, CA and Boneyard. Opts began to sway back and forth as other clans ended theirs trip to come aide Fo. Despite multiple clans putting on Fo's cape, we remained dominant and unbreakable. After walking Fo back and forth between Corp, CA, and Sperm then finally had enough. Fo gathered all clans in their cape to the west side of CA and began running south in fear of what was to come. EOP remained at the same location the fight had began, Corp/CA. We took our ending after waiting almost 10 minutes for the anti-eop alliance to rush us again.
  10. foe is delusional if they think they won after running 3x times
  11. (17:07:15) (FOEDANNY) i think some people (myself included) said some things we shouldnt have
    (17:07:39) (FOEDANNY) and our actions will have consequences 
    (17:09:17) (FOEDANNY) i understand tho :|
    (17:09:24) (FOEDANNY) not personal, just business
    (19:51:43) (FOEDANNY) look lets be real this is pretty much all my fault
    (19:51:48) (FOEDANNY) is there anything i can do to make this right
    (19:51:54) (FOEDANNY) or is it too late

  12. lKp1beb.png

    For my services, I require for @Brap@TBR@8pint @Singles Trip @Papa Bear and @Jordan to be kicked immediately. Until then I decline.

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    2. Brap


      It's like you saw Don Elmir, then attempted to raise the autism level to an all-time high. Congrats.

    3. TBR


      Go to the doctors, they'll have pills for whatever you've got bro

    4. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      @TBR Anti-Depressants, Anti-Suicidal, Hallucinations, Down Syndrome, Bi Polar and many more to list. I'll save you the time

  13. If you're in FOE.. I'm sorry :( If you need a way out lmk

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      cw community manager thanks 4 sharing your thoughts 

    3. Bbm


      woah u guys got me good lol ! my pms are still open btw. no singles no brap and no papa bear :) 

    4. Cody9204


      Papa Bear = Singles.

      Stay uninformed.

  14. Foe dead :(

    1. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Yeah 105 last Sunday.. RIP :\

  15. Bbm

    Desperate time calls for desperate measures?

  16. Bbm

    Fatality vs Foe [2-1] sets

  17. Bbm

    what will happen this weekend?

    lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo THIS IS THE MOST ACCURATE POST IVE EVER READ ON SHARKBREW
  18. Bbm


    @Grabbinhas been leaking to me for weeks lmfao my nigga Kim is innocent though she's too nice of a person
  19. Foe is awfully quiet

  20. GO POST! Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org 11/3/18: On this fine Saturday the Red Giant set sail with over 75 ready for some quality F2P action. While we received the news of supremacy and fo massing up their tanks in an attempt to team on us and get a cheap win. However, this wouldn't turn out to be the case. FO would pull 60 with most of their pull being xlpc account clan friends, while shitpremacy would pull 40 (WITH SIGNUPS LMFAO.) Uploading... Fo decided to try to come into the wilderness above hollow tree. For some reason those faggots really thought it would be a good idea. We got on top of them over and over again, fucking them up without dropping a single op in-game, forcing them to run a marathon between hollow tree and west of ca. They would pretend to try and fight us back by running just south of us, only to fuck right off back to their rathole as soon as we fired a single arrow. Eventually we would turn on them and literally walk our little puppies to the fucking ditch. They would try to call sup and their tanks to come fight us as well, but sup had 30 in game and logged in singles LMFAO For the rest of the trips these retards would run into the CA trees any time we would move a half minimap in their direction... God you guys are actually fucking pathetic. Got word of Sup and IR trying to get a little fight. We would log in on them and begin to crash. While IR would fight back, Supremacy would hightail it over to singles, while not being able to move their multilogged tanks and giving us free rune sets. Since the fight was at bandits, there no sign of fo, hollow tree was simply too far away lmfao. After this dick-down, sup would proceed to hide in random worlds in singles and running away/logging for pretty much the rest of the time. Caught FO lacking by fighting at 18 port. When we logged in, same story as last time, with IR fighting with us and apex while fo would run like rats to graves. We would proceed to rag them in single until they all of them were dead. After that, our "rivals" would tap out ending their trip. Good fight IR and Apex! And you guys are ending at 3:30 EST???? LMFAO Keep being spoonfed lies by holyjeans chief you fucking clanhopping freak l0000l you know what you have to do to come back to eop In almost the same fashion, we would catch Sup trying to avenge their fallen brothers. We would give them the same treatment, ragging them into graves and not offing until they either died or made it to the ditch. We would give them a break and move ourselves to 13 ports, hoping they would come hit the clan they hate so badly, but sadly it would never happen... good fight I think? LMFAO Sup would resort to trying to hide in w1, but that didn't stop us. They would hide in the single square in the corp pocket, literally the rs equivalent of getting shoved into a locker l0000l TLDR: FOE trip ended after 47 minutes, Sup tried to compete - Ended in 58. - Goodbye
  21. When will FOE realize ! We don't care about your google image'd stories ! WE BEAT YOU ! PERIOD !