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  1. fo is infesting the scene with cancer by fostering eop+cd ex ranks and their own ranks that openly advocate main clanning
  2. danny hates u and said you're not good enough to be in portal vs apex either l0l0
  3. lmao yea u losers suicided to apex and sat at ditch from 3am to 5am on a monday now ur trying to convince me that u have a life LMFAO
  4. unbiased opinion fo lost THE GREAT WAR
  5. the fo you know and loved doesn't exist anymore l0l. you're a cd remake now
  6. after getting cleared over 30x out of the wilderness, fo regrouped at the ditch (non-wilderness area) for 2 hours but couldn't gather enough numbers to fight, therefore losing the p2p fullout
  7. unbiased opinion: none of this would have happened if fo just prepped apex instead of avoiding them for 6 months :(

    1. LIT-Files


      lmfao apex scared to fullout foe r0fl their quality is ASS

    2. Eugene


      We been waiting over half a year tell your beta ranks to nut up.


  8. honorable PURE clans are a dying breed. gj apex + ir

    1. not rockman leader

      not rockman leader

      fom got 110 mains btw ncie honor

  9. only real pure clans left are apex, fatality and intense redemption
  10. fo and sup ruin the scene by botting tanks, teaming and crashing new clans that pull 40. meanwhile honorable clans like fi apex and ir have to fight against all odds vs these cancer clans to keep the scene from dying.
  11. this aint good bridding lol
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