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  1. way to ez.. danny sounds like hes got a cock in his mouth LMFAO .. fucking little twerp
  2. LOLLOLOL whattup foe COLE(reject) imagine howmuch ur IQ could be .. siting behind a computer in ur house, and still cant hide ur identity …
  3. they got cleared 3x that day.... l0l retards
  4. "why flame when i'm doing sup a favor by not talking about it? " "i mean, do you really want me to say why i left? l0l " lolol drop the beans u little high school girls... speak up ladies
  5. I don't even have a main but im glad some of our team brought mains this weekend. give these retards a taste of their own medicine ..and obviously they stood 0 chance now that we both have mains.... GF RETARDS
  6. paragraphs . still read it. welcome
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