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Facebook is a dying platform?

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Do you still use Facebook? It seems like a lot of people are giving up their accounts and going inactive.

What are the most frequently used social media platforms of yours ?

I personally only use FB messenger, I barely ever open the Facebook app. Just occasionally to post a message on a group or update my profile picture few and far between.

The reason I tend to abandon Facebook is mainly because of the disgusting ads everywhere, laggy browser version, no copyright rules being put into practice, shocking content being shared with no moderation and also the complete death of the community pages. Let's say if you have 10k likes on your page. A photo content usually reach like 4k people, while a youtube or other links would reach like 1-2k people. The algorithms don't let everyone see what you have posted on your page, it does not appear on some of the feeds of the audience. Now you need to pay for the particular post to appear to your own fans. Which is dumb as fuck. Many artists and creators have abandoned the platform as it became pretty much cancerous and money driven. 

Also the communications have moved to Instagram, since the story and messaging options were launched. So I do use that a lot. Also, I gave up twitter as well, as it has no use for me.

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