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  1. Long time no speak son
  2. I killed ur clan rage l00000l remember wearing team 6 with olympiss hahahah ez
  3. CD winner again pabz era soon come. Miss u dete
  4. Quit rs u virgins lmfao

  5. Wag1 @TBR what's good my g
  6. Misfits so u pulled 72 but had 35 ending vs fi So ur saying FI beat u half the opts. Ouch
  7. @Bash I made u leave rage by humiliating ur clan with daddy Abdullah. Stay muted wheelchair boy
  8. 30 tigers l000000l ded as fuck. Ps tell Mustafa Sweden want his visa back cauliflower mute afghan
  9. Whilst all u nerds are scapin tonight ill be in the club sippin champerz

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Pauna


      Dont talk about my dad like that

    3. Kanicus
    4. 0ldschooler


      Then you realize that youre in a revenant cave, trying to make rsgp.

  10. Anyone who tries to correct spelling on a gaming forums should really nek man
  11. @17_ only faked cancer once YAHOOOOO
  12. All I is remember is demoralising doom in lpc/mpc/hpc. Quote me if ur eyebrows throwned
  13. Brap makes grown adult cry on runescape based forums? Hahahaha legend!
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