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There I was, peacefully fishing lobsters in world three hundred and ninety-three as I saw some people in Team-39 capes coming in staggered groups, bleeding profusely from their rectums, some of them even having arrows still lodged in their bodies. I decided to investigate the commotion and went in the opposite the direction that these people were coming from until I eventually came upon a trail of their capes on the ground. I continued my adventure westward bound until I reached the boneyard where I found even more Team-39 capes littered all over the ground as a big group of big purple men danced and paraded all over the capes. It was at this moment that I realized the purple men in Team-7 capes had just slaughtered those in the Team-39 capes, likely impregnating their women and allowing their legacy to spread throughout the land, even down to the slaves that dwell by the Wilderness ditch.

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