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pure/midweek Rampages 40v40s Pkri's vs Ascent!

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We scheduled a 25v25  pkri with ascent. After realizing we both pulled way more than that we jumped it to a 40v40 pkri! Our first fight we rushed ascent 40v37, forcing them to ca after 3 minutes of fighting in an attempt to return. After forcing the sims through their throats they ran back to corp hill in another attempt for more returns. After realizing we have 2x their opts for 3/5 minutes of the fight they eventually ran to singles. The second fight we defend 37v41 in which ascent cleared us. Thank to Ascent for the great 40v40 action. and shoutout to Rise for joining in! Hope to get more fights with you guys in the future!


Pandas peaked at 44 today!

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