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Goat Elmir

Generally feel bad for daddy nate

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First 3 merged clans only pull 40 to their opening trip. 

Second, this loser is losing a flame battle to ev killer. 

Third his clan is literally dog shit and relies on recruiting off sharkbrew lmfao

this idiot said we teamed with hydra? I went out and smoked you and hydra 

my leak told me you were out with 8 (and you still can’t find him) and we mashed up 20 and you idiots ran and ended your trip. 

Dont ever pipe up you loser, rampage only survived cause of envy. 

Your ranks don’t even know your own forum link, and the kids a leader hahaha 

your clan is dead man 

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15 minutes ago, 5teel said:

where has envy been anyway

Well we had some TeamSpeak issues so we mitigated to discord and that was shit so we just got a new ts and such. We’ve been trying to go out but we can only fight low tier clans like Vandetta atm. We’re also in the middle of launching a brand new forum! 

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