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update Segregation of Main/Pure/PvP forum section


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I finally found a plugin that allows me to separate forum section and categories. I hope the new layout is a lot cleaner and more intuitive for newer members.

Please vote on whether you like this update and I welcome any suggestions



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Think it's a good base. I think the widgets on the right side that make the pages twice as long as needed could be fixed. You could get away with removing Active Topics & Discord widgets.

If you're committing to this tabbed layout there's no need to be compact. You could also toss one of these designers a few bucks to throw sb logo on some clean buttons, too.

Possibly make the subsections tiered underneath the main section instead of just listing them to the side, like:

PvP Discussion

  •  Video/Stream/Loot Pictures
  •  Guides & Tutorials

Instead of:

PvP Discussion

Just to take up a little more room since PvP is looking really lonely rn. Might be able to make new sections. For example:

PvP Discussion (general section)

  • Videos
  • Pictures

Streaming (advertising your Twitch)

  • Twitch clips

Guides & Tutorials

You also might want to mod the sections more strictly. Rn most people just post random shit and midweeks in the Wilderness section of the pure tab even if it's pvp-related.

May want to have people post all midweeks and unofficial events in the PvP section and make it so they can tag it as a midweek and leave Clan Wars/Wilderness in the Pure tab for all official events.

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Is definitely a move in the right direction and the current look is decent, but as others have said, with a bit more tweaks it could look even better. 

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