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After 4 years of applying pressure on the same shitty xlpc scene, as a Proud Clan Closer and Scene Breaker - xLpc Scene is Officially Shutdown due to Closures of every snipe team and clan. 

F2p Hybrids Took a few laps around w308 to ensure the dead scene and give a standing ovation for the T17 Soldiers who didn't get to be apart of the 2019 FH.

It's been a hell of a ride, most people might think this is some random ass snipe team, but in reality - FH is home to the sharpest and coolest nigs in the community. Until next time, we're gunna reign terror for the 2020 xlpc wave!



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2 hours ago, Satans said:

People might actually like and respect Fh if it wasn't for you tarnishing the name and making them seem like cringe retards


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