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  1. you're completely delusional if you think it was IR by themselves the whole time. not surprised coming from a kid in Apex.
  2. and now your shit clan is dead IR, stay that way fuck bois
  3. one of the top tier clan wars teams around, it was fun. sorry about the TS issues
  4. Didnt we 3-0 those clowns in CWA? So they avoid that at all cost. Ouchie. Wait wait wait, i know why we 3-0 them in CWA RoT and SV crashed it. Remember Smashing Veng in Revenant too CWA There was excuses there too.
  5. Excuse generator fired up yet @Sybren Inbred downsyndrome fuck
  6. Lol Guys this rivalry already has me bored
  7. pipe down retard you dont do shit anymore now that you dont pull 90 because all the eop/mf kids left you.
  8. Guys can we start a real rivarly? PD and Veng dont make the cut
  9. @wolffffyoure ignoring me, it makes me sad talk to me buddy its ok. Pm me to leak and ill treat you as my favorite bitch
  10. Gz Destiny lads. @wolffffskipping out on my class? Tsk tsk what will your Mother and Father think you wasting that money
  11. Because the players are gonna hate hate hate..... Resurgence is gonna shake it off ohhh ho! @wolffffimma put you on a leash and kick you down in the dirt every day
  12. @wolffffabout time you speak up dog, here is a treat bitch
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