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  1. Green Arrow

    pkri Resurgence Sunday hunt ft Lil Cards Gwas x2

    Lol Guys this rivalry already has me bored
  2. Green Arrow

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    pipe down retard you dont do shit anymore now that you dont pull 90 because all the eop/mf kids left you.
  3. Green Arrow

    midweek Resurgence's Monday GMT Sweep [125m+ loot]

    Guys can we start a real rivarly? PD and Veng dont make the cut
  4. @wolffffyoure ignoring me, it makes me sad talk to me buddy its ok. Pm me to leak and ill treat you as my favorite bitch
  5. Green Arrow

    weekend Resurgence's Busy Sunday Ft. Veng Skipping Class

    Gz Destiny lads. @wolffffskipping out on my class? Tsk tsk what will your Mother and Father think you wasting that money
  6. Because the players are gonna hate hate hate..... Resurgence is gonna shake it off ohhh ho! @wolffffimma put you on a leash and kick you down in the dirt every day
  7. @wolffffabout time you speak up dog, here is a treat bitch
  8. Green Arrow

    pkri Vengeance Makes A Statement. (Ft. Everyone Again)

    Matched btw
  9. If only Veng would accept a CWA. But that allows them to not call PD. God i hated matched opt fights.
  10. Green Arrow


    Cya retards
  11. @wolffff I got a treat, speak lap dog little bitch, its ok PD gives you permission.
  12. Green Arrow

    Resurgence's Sunday Funday Ft. Pissin on Broken Vikings

    CWA is matched, so you're saying you can only fight us in wild when PD can crash?. you sound hella fucking stupid right now kid. Yikers
  13. Green Arrow

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month(Winner) - February

    Resurgence Easy Boys Gz @JAJA for 2nd
  14. Green Arrow

    Sunday: SV Beaten Battered and Bruised

    Res was hunting Veng sad they called RoT to come help them and fight you. Gz tho jaja