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  1. Green Arrow

    Resurgence Friday Night FT. Scorpia + Foe

    Foe tried 😛
  2. gf Apex/Legacy


    Ya Bois over at Resurgence

  3. Green Arrow

    lpc Critical Damage Returns - 75-101 Combat LPC

    welcome back CD ❤️
  4. Green Arrow

    Paragon vs Vengeance ft Torture

    Should set up a fight against Resurgence
  5. Green Arrow

    Resurgence's Wednesday Hunt Ft. Vengeance Exploded

    Return to sender. Resurgence on top
  6. Green Arrow

    cwa CWA vs Supremacy

    Love seeing this
  7. Green Arrow

    Resurgence Defeats Vengeance - Wilderness Scrap

    Lmao, gg Vagence