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  1. yeh i get ignored there too buddy
  2. i get banned everytime i ask for mini in ur cc bro sort it out
  3. I understand ur scared to prep, but why are u ducking my miniwar requests l0l0l
  4. it takes just one pm @Nibletand you'll never see this guy again please take this route pussy show me how real you are and ill show you how real this game can become l0l
  5. Closing ur dogshit clan was easy
  6. 40 bears @Niblet hopefully you pick up the recruiting this week
  7. keep telling ur members we lost to foe to make you feel better about pulling 45 with signups lmfao 20 bear in single btw hah supremacy cleared with 65 in mutli xddd
  8. refer to sig also i know ur a rage member pretending to be an IR, u arent fooling anyone pussy
  9. Look what u made us do to you 20 rage bears held it strong in single lmfao !!!!!
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