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  1. Lmao this is still funny, sad to see that he is still not a rank til this Day! That man tries too hard to be relevant
  2. We closed ur clan and I know thats The reason ur mad at us
  3. Agreed, ir quality is pretty shit
  4. @nawe broke sup today by pulling 35 stay ez supremacy lmao

    1. nawe


      pulled 50+ and walked u to singles doggie

  5. Mustafa

    Nawe wins again

    did what? everyone agreeing that supremacy is better?
  6. Mustafa

    Nawe wins again

    Topic backfired bud Delete this before Its too late
  7. Stfu Virgin ur shitty clan got smoked by pures and u can do nothibg about it
  8. Mustafa

    weekend Supremacy's Buttfucking ir Sunday Funday

    Apex fully cleared in a 1v1
  9. Mustafa

    showcase Fi Forever dog clan

    Thats 3at and crafted talking in the audio and i also didnt record this, nice double epic fail R E T A R D
  10. Mustafa

    showcase Fi Forever dog clan

    Sorry cleared your clan haha and eop closed btw also arent u that guy who writes down rs lyrics and records them on ts? imagine doing that l000l
  11. Mustafa

    showcase Fi Forever dog clan

    its true, some things really never do change lmao
  12. Mustafa

    Let's settle this once and for all (POLL)

    Thats a legend in my books
  13. Mustafa

    Purge vs IR 2-1

    dude by improved i didnt mean u are good l0l ive seen u war before and uve gotten better but ur still bad calm down