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  1. bro ur legit slaving all week just to lose to us on weekends, we are legit putting 0 effort into this shit and we're still beating you l00l
  2. yo we closed doom btw l0l0l
  3. go recruit u need 20 recycled sandcrab recruits so u can compete lmfao
  4. arent u in rage? why are u talking about sand crabbers when half of ur clan is lvl 60s and 70s from sandcrabs lmfao
  5. envy pulled 120 that doesnt make u good lmfao ur quality is dogshit
  6. Lets say that Its True, but you still didnt answer my question, why are you obsessed with her? Every topic u mention her name Its legit Kinda weird brother
  7. Warchilds Im not gonna lie bro, ur obessesion with ashley is getting really werid, i really hope you know that she doesnt even know who u are LOL
  8. Already smoked them out of a sharkbrew tourny in a 40v40 f2p prep
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