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  1. I agree aao lost a rivalry to me and I don’t even use my microphone
  2. TheReal

    weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

    Bear clan strong
  3. Good job fatality, seeing events like that make me miss clanning
  4. TheReal

    RoT Leader Nigga

    Cringe as expected
  5. TheReal

    midweek Notorious vs. SKO + Tribe - P2P Wildy PKRI (25v25+)

    Nice but the vidder needs to learn to pray range lol
  6. Best legacy clan osrs ever saw
  7. TheReal

    Dear CD

    Main szn baby
  8. TheReal

    CP Sam vs Envy Elmir LOOOOOOL

    envy wins again
  9. And the moral of the story is don’t bring mains vs CD unless you can out main them
  10. TheReal

    weekend Rage Sunday Own / Nonstop Action

    Good job bear clan
  11. TheReal

    CP SAM vs CD TBR

    Cd probs gna win
  12. TheReal

    A Question

    How are legacy losing to critical damage?? you know these guys literally lost a rivalry to bv Hassan around 6 months ago right?? Grow the fuck up lmao they had 47 on teamspeak today and you still lost lol, do you need me to teach you how to double log?
  13. Coming back to rs as of next week, might re open envy idk yet, see you all there x

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    3. 'Jamie


      you're slowly starting to grow on me Real, i like it

    4. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      Maybe they’ll be relevant this time? Doubt it tho