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  1. Was ez men ty 4 fight foe
  2. Thomas

    Which football team is supremacy?

    Welcome back to the brew ir
  3. Ya boy Zack as warlord let's get it
  4. Thomas

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    Ty 4 battles
  5. Thomas

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    lmfao aysix as rank
  6. Your clan lost a fullout 3-0 and didn't even kill 100 people in 3 rounds of 100 vs 100 U also lost 5-0 to the same clan again yesterday
  7. Thomas

    lpc Critical Damage Returns - 75-101 Combat LPC

    Lmfao parm as leader
  8. Thomas

    flaming NTPC clans

    il flame whoever the fuck i wanna flame and there's nothing u can do about it,
  9. Are you embarrassed over ur irl name that you have to cry every time som1 says it, this is not saying irl leaking is acceptable
  10. ty 4 fights looking forward to some more
  11. Thomas

    Sup Can You Change your

    misfits sucks ass
  12. ur wrong to think mustafa ever had a girlfriend in the first place
  13. hotkeying is not only ugly and bald irl hes also cauliflower join supremacy btw
  14. we had 15 first fight u rushed with 20+ and caught us ofguard , we had 19 2nd fight and just fked up and got smokerd we had 22 max r3
  15. 2v2 full out canceller's 4x COTM losers brown sticky stuffty pull brown sticky stuffty quality ?? it we
  16. gf eop/mf or w.e the fuck its called
  17. Today Supremacy massed up 32 (later peaking at 38) ferocious tigers to demolish each and every clan in our path. We fully cleared FI at the beginning of our trip and left within a matter of minutes, fought CD down 13 people with their disgustingly useless mains and pushed them around like rag dolls, fought PX a bunch of times throughout the day, and curb stomped the brown sticky stuff out of IR on their embarrassing sign-up trip. NIQs POV: Noels POV: For the first fight of the day, we waited for Fi to defend for us at the north tip of mossies and give us the go to slap them around. We rushed them with 36 to their 31 opts, and started the most brutal beating of runescape history, where we lost at most 3 people in the totality of this fight. They tried to return but seeing as there was no one on our minimaps anymore, we got a fall in and left the wild for a quick bank. Thanks for the tussle down opts Fi. We were about to rush another clan at boneyard but ran into Foe instead with 60 people to our 35. We caught around 10 retards in blue capes from the singles to multi line and sent them scattering away from us in hopes to regroup their 10 lost souls. S vs PX We welcomed PX into the lpc scene with a nice fight at sperm hill, where we rushed them basically even opts. We rushed them with balls of steel, slapping from leg to leg, chap to chap, and got aggressive off the very start. The fight went on for a minute or two before EOP crashed. With us and PX still having above 35 each, we decided to turn on eop's 50~ and slice the throats of those that entered our clumps. After moving from hill to hill, we got kill to kill, and made them bleed before a sea of blue bundle of twigss rushed. After a quick bank from the previous fight, we set up an instant fight vs Apex around mossies vents area. Both clans were pretty quick on getting this fight started, and this fight was for the most part clean as it can be. Both clans ran into each other. Apex had fairly even opts but we instantly got a lead with our fierce aggression. We easily found piles from focus spot to focus spot, and gained a big enough lead to the point where Apex couldn't hold their ground anymore. We followed the last few around to Ne ruins and logged out before hitting single. Thanks for the dope fight Apex. S vs PX Today consisted of the fastest regroups; Supremacy wasted little to no time outside of the wild banking and what not. Within seconds after the previous fight, we tele'd up to lava maze high alter and met up with PX to start another fight. We both rushed into the alter at the same time and fought them for a little bit, catching those that entered the altar doors (we kept closing the doors on them xd). After going toe to toe in kills, we got rushed by Ir and decided to turn on them. Knowing they were never good at fighting at this location, we sent their 45 man rush into a 35 man rush with ease, as Foe also joined into this fight. We left and got a fall in right east, where we walked south losing 6 or so people. S vs PX So yeah we set up another fight vs these boys on the west side of CA and rushed in to begin the battle. We caught most of them with our scims as they were standing out to the south/east side of the trees, and got a nice lead on them. By the time we were increasing our opt lead, MF rushed in and starting being annoying rats. We both decided to turn on them and chased them back to singles, leaving Px to kill them at graves as we peeled off for a fall in. No one came back to multi so we decided to log out and get a regroup. Supremacy Starting: 38 CD Starting: 49 CD in Singles: 15 You guys are about to witness greatness. This special clan thought they could rush us with +11 opts, 14 of them being mains, thinking we would run away from them. Its almost as if we took jumper cables and pierced their nipples with them, sending a shockwave through their entire morale. As CD rushed us with their disgustingly useless main group hidden within the most worthless group of pures we've ever seen, we lured them into the multi portion of the corp tree area and intelligently started the Holocaust of the cancerous pink clan. Knowing their mains were just as useless as their cape counter numbers, we held our aggressiveness and swiftly made their 49 opt'd rush turn into 33. Within a minute of making their pures die and get demoralized, we chased them around corp trees and corp cave, punishing them down to 15 opts. We never went below 35 after this point, and bullied them for another 4 or so minutes as PX showed up to snipe. Round 2: Supremacy Starting: 35 CD Starting: 32 PX left as they noticed CD only had 15 people left in singles, so we walked away with our 35 man group as well. However, we got intel that CD got a nice return group with their mains again and we decided to re-rush the fight. We started round 2 of the online bullying session north of corp cave this time, and slapped them around one more time. After gaining another lead, Mf and Foe showed up again to cheer us on as we scattered the wilderness floor with pink capes. We walked away north as CD dipped to singles with our championship belt. IR Tried to pipe up the entire day but refused to fight us for 2 hours straight. Fortunately, we managed to talk to someone with an IQ higher than 50 and set up this last fight of the day. Knowing IR had signups for this fight, we knew they were going to taste the saltiness of our jizz dripping off their chins when we slammed them into the ground and demoralized their embarrassing clan. We rushed them with 37 to their 38, and within seconds of a simple scim push, made their pull drop to 28. At this point, the man hunt began. They first moved from mossies vents to dwarves, then to the dwarven tree line, and then south to boneyard, and then off the face of the wild. All you see on the minimap is a line of arrows as we chased IR's 28 man group out of the wild, pissing and brown sticky stuffting on their death piles on our way down. After fully clearing the last bit of these intense retards, we got a fall in and walked to ruins for an ending pic. btw these retards has signups for this lmfao