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  1. Senin ananin avradina sikim orospu cocugu
  2. @ceZa dies more than 30 times lmfaooooooooo
  3. You dont even know who that is lol.
  4. Current state of foe lmfao. Retarded kids like Fake Smile and downy Fudog
  5. It's actually really funny these 2k19 clanners, think they are something in foe lol. You are nothing more than +1 Danny uses, for his clan lmfao.
  6. Dont let brad and that retard brock be ranks, and u will do fine. The amount clans brock was a rank in and failed is unbelievable
  7. nigga ur not rich ur fucking poor with pakistani immigrant parents u got doxed and cried lmfaooo
  8. when is outrage going to recruit? 40 pull is low
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