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  1. shut the fuck up Finn, stop stealing my avatars. Dumb finnish vampire
  2. RoT threatens to ddos/hack/steal IP's Slushpuppy bends the knee, cancels tourny. That is what happend.
  3. your banter sucks lmfao, delete this topic
  4. my dad fucked your mom l0000000000000000000000l acne faced brown ugly loser, have your mother arrange a wedding l0l000l
  5. waaa waah cry more lmfaoo, ur ugly and doesnt change l0000000000000000l
  6. bro why are u talking, u are brown and have an acneface. fucking ugly loser lmfao
  7. If 4 sentences is a novel for you, you are really a dumb retard lmfao. lost some weight fat fucking paki.
  8. Foe is based on glory, the reason your pull is high right now is because Foe is the better clan and the only legacy clan left, with a huge retired memberbase. Where did all your members go when rot was on top of you? all the glory hunters went inactive or went back to their previous clans. As soon Rot stopped hitting foe, they went straight back. Foe is nowhere near the quality and dedication and that it had before, we all know Danny wouldn't last 3 months as leader back in the golden days of Pure clanning. The only reason those members are ''superloyal'' that joined last year, joined because there is no competition for Foe what so ever, the last competition was EOP and they closed. Right now, foe could still compete if it kicked 30-40 members of the clan, because the competition is a laughing stock.
  9. Its very ironical that new people like fudog, are cheerleading for foe. You are nothing more than a +1 that Danny uses to his advantage. All those new people that joined in 2018-2020 are all gloryhunters and are the first ones to dip when the clan is a slump.
  10. Senin ananin avradina sikim orospu cocugu
  11. @ceZa dies more than 30 times lmfaooooooooo
  12. You dont even know who that is lol.
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