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Unbreakable Returns

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Unbreakable is reopening. We are not reopening for nothing though, and with our return we are hoping to also help return the clanworld to a better state. 


With our opening we plan to help revitalize the clanwars scene, re-popularize fights that are not endless return fests sitting on return spots, and help bolster a new scene with less cancer and more fun for all clans. In the coming days I will reach out to all other clan leaders about the direction the clan scene is going and how we can make changes for the better. It is my hope that we can agree on a new way forward, and with the first steps I have already made with some clan leaders I feel it is possible.


Starving clans wasnt always the norm, endless return fights where nobody wins wasnt always the norm, cancer wasnt always the norm. These are problems we can tackle together as a scene without the cancerous influence of previous mentalities.


Feel free to join our discord as we get our site and teamspeak ready in the coming days. All ex-members and people who wish to be a part of this new way forward are encouraged to hang around in discord as we set up. See you around. - HANU



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