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8 8:15 / 11:45 FOE Presents: Early Stages of PTSD - Feb 23rd Rage Audio

Final Ownage Elite

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Low energy, low IQ, and high cholesterol are the first things that come to my head when I listen to these rookies attempt to lead a trip. It's been awhile since I've seen a clan this dependent on mains and teaming but it sure is entertaining. Just listen to how completely broken they have became only within a few weeks of us giving it our 50%.


Imagine coming online to listen to a bunch of low tier groupies cry at you because you aren't logged into your main just to bank stand for 30 minutes and end. Anyone with ears can tell that their leader "Abe of Ham" clearly doesn't want to be there. Notice how stressed out he gets when he realizes FI isn't helping them LOL.


Don't expect this to end because we will continue to humiliate you at every given opportunity.



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