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  1. heard @Swag Of RS switched to OB cape cause of sht Doom trip
  2. curious about all the ex-eop membs in foe
  3. i come on these forums to read your updates/topics @Don Elmir... but come on now even this is sloppy by ur standards
  4. you post a 20 minute leak and no highlights? i mean i know u live on these forums but god dam post some fuckin highlights for the rest of us
  5. u brain dead? cant understand why you would want to raise this guy's hopes considering everyone in ur clan will convince him to get pray + attack... reality check, u only killed 1 person in a f2p prep, maybe u should take ur def accounts with u into clan wars cause with this guy u sure as hell aint gonna kill one more
  6. looks like FOE bullied FS back to xLPC as for joining any LPC with 15 pray, its pretty useless... go join a XLPC, u are pretty much useless in any fights wilderness and clanwars without overs
  7. For a clan that won the SB XLPC Tournament; hoped for a better result than just killing 1 person in a fight
  8. heard Broxx willing to close OB for 1.5b and derank @Aysix, @Stewbert confirm?
  9. ur gonna need 25 magic
  10. go for it; once the LPCs duke it out, certain clans will come out on top and others will die/close and their membs will go back to xLPC
  11. the pure community's fascination with def always amazes me... might as well just max out mains and compete with ROT; definitely give them a run for their money with @Tannie @holydreams @Tyendinaga leading the charge
  12. lol chinaman we both know you gonna bring mains to the scene, just yesterday u posted about ape unit recruiting... stay careful against FOE
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