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  1. Imperial Spartan

    main ROT WINS MOGTIME Event ft. Fools

    Fools are trash, easy
  2. Imperial Spartan

    TR big ded

    this l0l
  3. Imperial Spartan

    Gods Return - Olympus XLPC 2018

    GL closing
  4. Imperial Spartan

    Leaked rank boards

    Wanabeeeeeee loser
  5. Imperial Spartan

    pure/weekend 85+ Fatality Vs The Pure Community.

    Good thing u kicked that weird whisky kid was a cringe loser sucking off eopiss lol
  6. I like how u totally avoided F2p fullout loool stop piping up did u forget what happened last fullout!??
  7. Imperial Spartan

    Apex vs Final Ownage Elite Fullout Predictions

    WHO the fk does 3rds of plat looool real question is why eop piping up when they won’t fullout foe either??? -m69
  8. Imperial Spartan

    Predictions for FOE v Apex B2B

    INshallah foe sweep apex piss clan
  9. Imperial Spartan


    Shit banter shit like apex
  10. Imperial Spartan

    Who should challenge FOE next??

    I closed eom 2 weeks ago for the 10x hahahahaha remember to losing to lvl 80s as 39 def 108s loooooooooooool nice member quality quote if mad
  11. Apex trash like rage looooool both shit clans
  12. Imperial Spartan

    With the Most Sincere Tone

    Apex sucks retard
  13. Foe here winning while eop is 1-9 since reopening loooooooo

    1. 0ldschooler


      closed sv in 2 weeks tho, 2 WEEKS LOL