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  1. Unbiased Observer

    Apex Rank Meeting Colorized (2/18/19)

    fo's matched quality is at an all time low. Sorry to tell you.
  2. Unbiased Observer

    pure/weekend/verified Immortal steamrolls NRG & their tanks

    Nrg doodoo lmao ez as fuck
  3. Unbiased Observer

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    don't let this topic distract you from the fact: FOE is currently #4 p2p matched. quote if mad lmfao
  4. Unbiased Observer

    Immense - The Best Pure Clan - We Fking Huge

    is there an active clanning scene in rsps? @Dripz`
  5. Unbiased Observer

    poor [Sup] Salso loses many things this sunday

    ez for a legacy clan
  6. Unbiased Observer

    BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs

    why am I not surprised lmao😂 nicee one @horseface looks like you can give out some free edge spawns for your members now.
  7. looks like you guys needed to hold hands for the entirety of your trip. gz on the action
  8. Unbiased Observer

    watfuk is this lmao

    uhm ok? good topic bro
  9. looks like the xlpc scene can't handle the heat and have to hold hands #nohomo
  10. Unbiased Observer

    Best Speech

    a swift 3-0 that was
  11. Unbiased Observer

    apex reminder

    Legacy is coming for everyone and everything