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  1. sad to see you guys close. Invictus, fearless etc. were the actual founders of the 1 def. movement though.
  2. Unbiased Observer

    how did ur saturday trip go?

    this^ lmao
  3. Unbiased Observer

    Christmas time

  4. Unbiased Observer

    Why did IR ask FI for a full out?

  5. Unbiased Observer

    Envy Rivalry Record in 2018

    Envy has never won anything. ever.
  6. Unbiased Observer

    Clan Awards

    ah right. sounds good.
  7. Unbiased Observer

    cwa Ambush Vs Noxi Ft50s 2-0

    looks good
  8. Unbiased Observer

    Clan Awards

    How would the vote system work? @Moni
  9. Unbiased Observer

    Leak's Graphics Shop

  10. Unbiased Observer

    WHAAT? My name is....

    Salso and a good chunk of rage members are over at supremacy-rs.com
  11. Unbiased Observer

    pure account Looking for clan !

    That's a decent xlpc account, Quite a few new xlpcs have opened up: Noxious: "Clan Noxious" cc 50-65 cb Overdose: "od cc" 50-65 cb Ascent: "ascent" cc 45-65cb. Those are some but theres plenty more. Goodluck
  12. Unbiased Observer

    Is God a sexual predator?

    A lot of cringe on this thread. not pointing any fingers.
  13. Unbiased Observer

    pure account Looking for a XLPC clan

  14. Unbiased Observer

    cwa Awp vs Cp?

    Looks good
  15. Unbiased Observer

    pure new disney live action lion king seems sick

    good banter, this site needs more of this