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  1. EOM brought mains for 10+ years just to try and compete with the #1 Final Ownage Elite
  2. FOE ranks are ride or die EOM ranks are pussies with mains get fucked
  3. EOP lost the wilderness fullout they begged for and will never accept one in clan wars after 84-0

  4. EOP lost the wilderness fullout, where's the clan wars fullout pussies

    1. Shoan


      Congratulations, you outragged a rag clan. Prep when?

  5. Buddy its hours after the Saturday trip and you're making this topic about the #1 clan for the past 10 years. Are you mad or something?
  6. Thanks for the action, was very close. Hoping to fight more clans!
  7. EOP only wants to fight when they have 20 def, mains, and 10 clans closing into them, even then they won't even accept a fullout 

    1. Dynamic


      Think they did accept though? They'll fullout in 2 months which is fair

    2. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      2 months to prepare for a runescape.com fight lol 

    3. Gibbo
  8. lmfao EOP makes topics about FOE everyday, even when they're closed, and when we declare a fullout we're obsessed good joke
  9. EOP decided to close until reinforcements arrived, now the Doom+SF+CD+FS+AAO members have arrived I'm sure they'll accept!

    1. Edjez


      sf is not in eop

  10. Feels good that DULL got his clan 20 def and is still scared to fight FOE in a fullout MFW EOP says Fatality was a trash clan for celebrating EOP losing preps vs other clans...LUL EOP fucking sucks lmfao
  11. 20 def, 50 ts convos in leadership later, EOP still too scared to fight the Kings

  12. EOP took a 1 month break to skip out on a fullout, went 20 def, and still won't accept How can you be #1 and never beat the #1 clan lmfao
  13. go outside your clan is closed after bringing mains for 10 years, get over it
  14. 17's clan closed with a history of using mains and 0 fullout wins and the poor kid is still on these forums trying to flame people When you have 0 going on IRL you try to go for 15k post count on a community website for a java based game 12986 posts
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