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Lets play a game.

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Lets play a game folks. Basically the rules are pretty easy, all you have to do is browse the forums and find FoM's last winning weekend topic! After browsing though 22 or 23 pages I have yet to find a legit winning topic posted by FoM, so I figured we might as well let everybody in on the fun!


P.S if you need any clues, I believe their last decent trip they had may have been in the month of late july/early august idk. There are a huge lack of winning topics from FoM so go and challenge yourselves to find this rare winning topic.


Cheers! :)

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37 minutes ago, holydreams said:

lol you are like 30? and playing a forum game on a community website instead of actually playing the game you founded your clan on lmfao


btw as you can see everyone knows the bs eop spews

Looks like hes here to dick-ride their "success" then dips when they're slumping (the past 2 years since reopening)

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