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Free teamspeak for XLPCs/Runite clans or teams

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I would like start this topic by thanking the current xLPC leaders and members for having the balls for rebuilding this xLPC scene by yourselves and generally going against what Jagex has been been doing which is generally fucking up the low level pure scene for you guys

For the month of August, there will be at least 4 xLPCs opening, each pulling 60-100+ members. With this revitalization of this scene, Sharkbrew will be providing free teamspeaks to any upcoming clan who wishes to jump onto the activity ban wagon. Feel free to make an application here if you are serious on starting a clan.

P.S. Even if your clan already has a teamspeak, do help me spread the word out as even if this could at least help one clan, it is one extra competition and activity for everyone!



Furthermore, I will also be extending this same offer to the Runite community too. If you wish to create a team or a clan that is active both in CWA or wilderness, you may also want to look into getting a teamspeak which could help you defray some of the initial cost, or if you want to see whether it is worth participating in the scene before committing to a teamspeak






@B7wG7YL.pngRunite Ambassador

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45 minutes ago, jay. said:

More clans should open up, have to admit xlpc is a huge factor on bringing in lots of new faces to the pure community.


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