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weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

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Peaked at a strong 60 bears today for our weekly F2P PK trip and maintained 50+ throughout the whole trip. Today's action was against Intense Redemption, Critical Damage, Fearless mostly: but we also ran into Supremacy, Apex, FOE, Legacy, and Fatality near the end of our trip.

Thanks to all the RAGE BEARS who attended today + looking forward to our P2P domination tomorrow


Our first fight of the day was against Critical Damage on the west side of bandits

We were able to take the upper hand quickly and then Fearless made an appearance. We called a quick scim push on top of FS but before we could they dipped to singles so we focused our attention back to CD. 

We went back to holding down the Bandit Camp return spot until all clans dispersed with Rage as the clear winner.


We got a  clean fight against Intense Redemption 59 vs 59 on 13 ports

This fight was sick, a clean 1v1 almost the whole rip until Fearless came to crash. The fight stayed on 13 ports mostly the whole time. For most of the duration of the fight it was going back and fourth until Rage took the upper hand when it was around 40 vs 40. We started to push IR to the pond north of 13s and all around. Eventually Fearless logged in from the north so we dipped north to claim the victory.


The rest of the action was hit and runs - take a watch at our videos to see the rest.
















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