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announcement Community Sponsors - Monthly ladder prizes for Clans/Teams/NH Pking

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Community Sponsorship

Sharkbrew originally dropped our sponsors at the behest of the JMods we were trying to work with to get us the necessary fixes to existing game content that were killing the clanning scene, and new updates that could help us. Unfortunately, Jagex basically showed us the middle finger and implemented a bunch of updates that didn't fix the core problem of PvP and PvP Clanning. While we had to operate with hands tied behind our backs, reddit and youtube were abound with ads from pservers, and gold farming sites.




... no reply after that



Monthly ladder prizes

-Many thanks to @Juicyfor securing the sponsor-

I would like to thank our first sponsor whose ads you shall see on discord and forums soon.

Come 1st of December, we shall launch COTM/WCOTM for pure clans, a league system for mini war clans and NH pkers. Unfortunately for the main and zerk teams, the staff team still needs to consolidate a strategy for the scene, so we are skipping that for December.

Tentative prize money(set to change) would vary from 30-60m a month for each winner.








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6 minutes ago, Finn o_O said:

How will the nh pking ladder work?

-Set to change-

  1. Sign up to the league ladder
  2. Fight someone else on the ladder
  3. Submit the GIF/youtube vid of the fight
  4. 2-3 days the fight would be permanently recorded

We should have a number of categories including, DH, NH, hybridding, F2P risk, and so on. I will post a topic on this matter soon.

While your ELO score is kept for life, we do bi monthly tournament where the top scorers are awarded a prize money(looking at about 50m for now)

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Rewards for clans participating in battles is a very good way to keep people/clans motivated to keep going. Even tho things still need to be worked out with the med/main scene I still hope OVERALL all clans get rewarded somehow for posting their aftermaths on Sharkbrew.

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joke of a company tbh they literally have never had any good customer service/community interaction. all money grabs. everything they do is a shitshow & all they do is listen to the absolute whackjobs on/r/2007scape who bitch & whine about anything PvP related. 

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