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  1. Ryan..

    lpc Critical Damage Returns - 75-101 Combat LPC

    Rage reopening aswell to close your shitty low tier main clan again lmfao get fucked
  2. Ryan..

    Top 3 snipe teams

    eop is the worst that's all i know
  3. Ryan..

    xlpc The Plague -XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 CB

    Lmfao I heard Excel is fucking you around every single day
  4. Yeh foe got a good comeback after TLP slumped the fuck out of them
  5. Ryan..

    pure account ex-mf looking for a warm home

    apex if you wanna be the best tbh
  6. Ryan..

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    ^ Eye of soron Hiei the pk finnald bow of sonic
  7. Ryan..


    xL on my chest
  8. Ryan..

    teamspeak Your Free Music Bot

    I rather sing barbie girl in the ts, pretty sure everyone enjoys my amazing voice
  9. Ryan..

    Ascent Backing Out LOOOOL

    Join Excel
  10. Ryan..

    pure clans app

  11. Ryan..

    Guess Who

    Well obviously you missed me
  12. Lmfao Excel smokes you anytime anywhere
  13. lmfao but this x poo guy is prob the worst binder
  14. p sure eop and foe pulled more
  15. Ryan..


    y'all should reopen tbh
  16. Yeh dude it's fucking simple if both their leadership isn't as stupid as they are now, and indeed especially eop those kids been a low tier main clan all their existence
  17. Ryan..

    pure :b: HISKY

    but whiskey is in apex and apex is sick nh clan hmmmmm
  18. Ryan..

    Hello All - New pure here

    Heya join Excel! xl winsagain cc
  19. just drop the mains lmao this is utter kanker and a disgrace to the pure community by the so called "legacy pure clans" fucking gross
  20. Ryan..

    Excel says hi

    Hell yeah! As you descend we Excel!