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  1. Shoan

    some1 update me plz

    Cant take u srs when you're slaving for this very clan
  2. Shoan

    some1 update me plz

  3. u were up at 4am in foe's cape @ ditch LOL "i2"
  4. Shoan

    Detrimental scheduling fights.

    hit up foe, they need the morale boost lol
  5. Shoan

    some1 update me plz

    salty you got bullied out of apex by an asian? LMAO delusional rat, we forced you out of the pure scene
  6. Shoan

    Very sad doxer clan!

    I mean he was 1 item suicide returning for majority of The Great War
  7. Shoan

    Apex Scared?

    Defending a clan (fo) that solely sees you as farmed prep wins, and no more than a bitch/pawn of theirs on the weekend Outburst is really dead lmao
  8. Shoan

    Apex Scared?

    I lost 10m, fuck u thought ud break after 4-5 p2p sundays
  9. Shoan

    Apex Scared?

    All jokes aside we held a bet for how many p2p sundays it'd take for you to ask for a cwa fullout LMFAO Guess it only took 2 2018 Clan wars 2019 Wilderness
  10. confirmed u tapped out and didnt deny you lost in the end
  11. Shoan

    visual representation of what happened today

    20 eagles, for that?