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  1. Sup always 150 steps behind, their whole clan is brown. Confused with all the white chars.
  2. Respect, even though y'all doxed me LMAO
  3. FUCK YOU https://www.ir-rs.com/ Zo and Hotkeying still active af btw
  4. Looking forward to having another clan brown sticky stuff on PX in f2p.
  5. I only knew CD when IR reopened last year, you guys seemed to have your brown sticky stuff together and were dominant back then. Always cool guys. RIP
  6. Could have potential in the future, props to their first go this week.
  7. Palace Murder House in F2P now, love killing you brown sticky stuffters globally. Praise be to F2P PvP. Horrid pull, it's also Sunday. -
  8. Ari and Control pkr on 1 staff, facepalm
  9. Apex - Quality FOE - Legacy IR - Home AAO - BetterthanSupandPX SUP - Cantpull40 PX - Surprisedtheyarestillopen MF - Honorable Doom - controlpkrneedstogo Fatality - Family
  10. Congrats to all, keep molding, keep shaping.
  11. Could just @IR who hasn't done it for over a year now and still puts SUP, PX in their place.
  12. Lol 50 pull with sup in your capes, how embarrassing. Grats on #9
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